Thursday, November 12, 2009

Irony ..


i would like to begin this entry with a little laughter 'hahahahaha'.ok,i'm not crazy or anything,it's just that irony is so commonly related to laughter.ironic how something can change from one form to another.ironic how you can love doing something or merely love someone for a period of time and eventually feel nothing for them after a longer time.ironic how things tend to take a 360 degrees turn either drasticly or gradually.ironic how i used to fill this blog with all things beautiful and happy during the first 6 months of the year,then it transformed to a blog of sorrows during the second half of the funny as it sounds,i'm glad things are back to normal now,neither too happy nor too sad.again,God had always been emphasising on modesty in everything we do either connected to our religion (or in this case,for atheists,any faith you have) or otherwise.never luagh too much,never cry too much,never anticipate too much,never feel a little too hopeless.
that will be my new life principle,MODESTY.

the so-called humble one

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