Tuesday, May 5, 2009


insomnia strikes again! guess what i'm doing now?studying! in the middle of the night,what a miracle right?oh well,that's it..just need to tell you guys that my mind is empty..

INKs0mNiA and AvoGaDrO cONStant

hello peeps!excuse the random title. you might be wondering wtf am i doing still up at this hour right?the thing is,ever since the day i turned 16,i seem to be suffering from this sleeping disorder called case ur wondering,insomnia is something like a sleeping defect where you can hardly fall asleep eventhough it's way beyond your regular bedtime.on the contrary,you'll turn out to be a light sleeper where any sound,even a slight crash,will wake you up at any hour.i made a little diagnosis on my sleeping habits and i came to realise that my hectic lifestyle played an important role in arousing this little disorder.being in form 4,with all the new subjects i have to put extra effort on regardless of whether it's for extra credits or merely studying for good grades,plus all the competitions i'm taking part in (not that i'm whining,don't get me wrong,i love skipping classes,haha) debate and choir,i guess my brain had been adjusted to 'all-work and no-play' mode.the earliest bedtime i've ever had since i discovered this is around 1am,with constant tossing a turning before i actually sink into deep deep doesnt end there though,even when i'm sleeping,all the information i have been inputting into my brain seem to flicker around like TV channels being switched from one to another at a rapid makes me dizzy at a point where i feel like falling off the's hell i tell u,i swear it is.however,being a student stops me from making it look like a big fuss any's my responsibility and what i actually live for.setting my priorities straight,downfoot is the future.before me is the route i have to choose,and i chose to suffer first before living in's a long way to the top,but i gotta do what i gotta do.till then,spm is just a year and a half away..gotta think forward from now on.