Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Now?

phew~ it's only been a few days since my pc broke down,yet it feels like it's been ages! lotsa things happened during my absence.a series of bad luck,if you may.
well a few days ago,Monday,to be precise,our school choir team was requested by the Muarian Board of Education to perform at the grand opening ceremony for this year's District Level Independence Month all of us were requested to sing 5 SONGS! yeah people,never in our lives have we sung so many songs at a time,with practice period of less than a week! but miraculously,we did well.the disastrous part was when the extremely hot sunbeams shone upon us (no,not like the heavenly lights at all).it was extremely hot and all of us had thick stage makeup on,imagine how sweaty and uncomfortable we top it all up,we were wearing black socks and high-heels,our feet were killing us and our throats started to dry up pretty fast waiting for the PPD to come.dang~ why do VVIPs have the rights to not be punctual at all? how inconsiderate *yeah put me in ISA..see if i care anymore.* but overall,performance was quite least the audience (consisting a bunch of eve session high school muarian boys and a few other motorcyclists from a special convoy) were responsive enough to support least we felt appreciated for once.

so ok,that was just one.imagine the likes of me without a pc for 3 days?and i was too frustrated of it.when i went home form school,i kinda put my guitar in the wrong ended up flat on the floor with a loud bang,absolutely nothing was there to break its fall.poor poor Afi..tweeted about it,but cikgu said not to love it too much.he had encountered worse accidents with his 112j.guess what? he RAN IT OVER with his CAR!! yeah wtf man? but of course,that's why u need high standard guitars.his guitar is still ok to this day.(dun ask me how the accident happened,i'm wondering too..)

and tomorrow,i blew off my chance to legally skip school :(( tomorrow i was supposed to be attending this programme in Pagoh called 'Campus Astro' but i screwed it because of the stupid school mag meeting.dang~ all for the love of my duty as BM editor.Jems,shu wan n yenny were right,duty comes before personal,be it.i'm not going but it's least my conscience is fulfilled.I'm happy :) although i'm still hoping that God will trade all the trips i miss with a bigger and more meaningful one,JAPAN! lol.sorry,can't stop talking bout's what i want since i can't join any international homestay programmes.u guys gotta understand,jAPAN is one of the top three places i wanna visit.honestly this is my chart:

1.Mekkah,Saudi Arabia (visited)
2.New York/Los Angeles,USA (still dreamin' bout it)
3.TOKYO,JAPAN (one step closer now!)
4.Paris,France (still aiming)
5.Spain or Italy

but hell,Moots is extending the dateline.conflabbit! i gotta wait a little longer,sigh~ kak abby's sttmnt was a spirit lifter though.she said among the top 10 pictures chosen as of now,mine,rin's and aaron sim's had high potential of winning.hmm..let's just see..

oh btw:

my fav drummer followed me on twitter! wee~ ahahha.

that's all peeps.till then,i shall be dreaming of Japan!

itsumo suki dayo.