Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Ever-changing Life

hey,it seems like ages since i've updated anything on this blog.surely in that particular timeline my life had gone through many changes.who would ever thought that facebook could change my life forever?since i signed up for an account there,i've known many wonderful new friends.many thanks to the creator of the web for the brilliant idea,also,many thanks to my favourite band,Estranged,for their awesome music that united us fans as one.miraculously,i've found 4 new friends (and/or big sisters) rin-drummer for my band midway scarlet,kak abby,kak halie and kak nina nur faliena.if u guys have read my band's blog (in case you haven't,the link is ) we have had our very first meet up at One was such a blast.'twas just a fine day dated 15th november where my best weekend ever began with an enjoyable lunch feast with my big sisters,kak cita and kak logn at nando's.nice food,nice atmosphere,nice conversation too.such beaufitul people,but too bad they were too shy to join in my band meeting at 4pm.the first to arrive were kak halie and was really freaky since i didn't really recognize them at first considering their pictures on facebook were not really helpful.moments after,shafiq appeared-more obvious than usual.he wore a hoodie and carried a huge accoustic guitar.that guy's really into his job as my rhythm guitarist,haha.and the meeting begins..they had their meal,big sis jijie appeared (wow..can't believe i'm finally meeting after 3 years!!)and all of us moved on to an empty stairway to get to business.we worked reaaally hard to find chords to our song,7 Days,but to no avail.we gave up a few minutes later and started jamming cover songs from other course,rin didn't get to jam since there were no drum sets there..although,those railings would make good beating sounds,,we took some band shots.this was the fun part.if it meant taking pics of ourselves,we could even beat the winners of ANTM,but when it comes to group photos,i think the Statue of Liberty is more of a poser in comparison to the three of us,hahaha..jijie had a really hard time getting shots of us as a group,until after awhile,it made her say "ok guys..this is the final shot,no matter how it looks,we gotta move on to Central Park Avenue,gig's almost starting..".shucks..luckily the nice shot was awesome.u guys can check that out on our myspace page.we walked as fast as we that particular moment,we thought we had missed estranged's perofrmace!on our way,me n shafiq decided to look for his cousin,we went separate ways,jijie and the rest headed straight to book spots for us,while me and shafiq went else where.well what do you know,we bumped into din and rich! it was funny,i didn't know they were heading to the toilet,only to realise that i looked like a total stalker following them around,haha.shafiq took the opportunity to 'go' as well,meanwhile,din was outside.he groped around shafiq's guitar,haha..jijie was so freaking jealous that shafiq's guitar had gotten din's blessings all over it!and rich,he remembered me!i was like,"hey,ur still taller than me!" and he replied,"yeah i know,you haven't grown" much for the compliment XD anther funny thing is,to this day,din still thinks that jijie is my big sis.when he saw me he said "hey,kakak u dah cari u tau tadi"..hahaha. after the short chat and a picture,we went straight back to the stage.the fly fm gig was a bit screwed up if u ask me,probably because of the emcee?and considering the fact that we sat on either side of the stage where the view is just average although i think the audio was radical! right after estranged's performance,we broke into the backstage