Saturday, June 6, 2009

crazy day

What To Do On A Boring Saturday

catch a movie?nah...not worth it.

shopping? i'm broke.

any gigs? gigs are cancelled :(

let's hang out at JD's studio then? great idea!
what should we do first?lunch? ok..
afterwards,we stepped into the studio..

yana: oohhh cool mix room! woah cool awards! *poses*
JD: haha..poser~
yana: this is awesome!
JD: @.@ careful with that..
yana: come let's take a pic!
JD: fine fine...

yana: show us more..
JD: this is the place where all the magic happens,and you're looking at the wizard himself *grin of pride*

JD: this is the place where we record vocals.not as big as the ones shown in hollywood eh?welcome to Malaysia ;p camwhoring sessions are open to those interested,hehe..

as usual..hehe.moving up is Rudy's drum sets..and of course:

JD: come on guys.i'll show you the new room..behold..hehe

JD: and here's the newly-built confined room.echo-proof but the progress is only 90% as of now.close both the doors and u won't hear me screaming.hey dun lockla wei!
everyone: hahaha..

shot of the new sound-proof room.why didn't we lock JD in,steal the equipments and make a run for it?hahaha..because we love him la ;p so we let him out,wakaka.

JD: so ladies,my studio's not really what you see on tv,so that's about it.welcome to 21:05 :)
yana: it still looks awesome to me though.
JD: hey,come with me,all of you.
yana: haven't you shown us this mixing room before?

JD: who's up for a game of Monopoly?
everyone: WTF!! seriously??!

JD: i'll be the banker!
rin: wtf! i wanted to be the banker =.="
JD: i'll set up the board,now if you ladies wanna camwhore somemore,be my guest :D

another one!

let the games begin!

static economy crisis,says JD.outgoing money flow equals incoming money flow.
yana: aku macam tau je siapa menang,hihi..
JD: *stares at my ever-drying cash* definitely not you,hahaha.


in the end,Aisha was declared the winner! *applause!* so she deserved a winner's pose at the mixing room:

*AJ steps into the studio*
AJ: what's going on?
JD: i'm running a taska,side business..
AJ: ookaaayy.. *still confused* bzness is really that bad huh?
JD: why do you think i cut my hair for?
AJ: auction on ebay?Hahaha.. *enters new room*
JD: *follows AJ*

we decided to stalk on the fellers at work.awesome shots,haha.

JD: dude,they're taking our pics!
AJ: ah whtever..

and before we left..

we <3 you pop shuvit! although only JD and AJ were there,it was madness!
then we dropped by at Badger for a little spree..weee~ spent my last rm100 on a chic jacket,but who cares really IS chic!! lol.

so that's how i spent my saturday on 6th june 09.

-how did you spend your saturday?