Friday, March 26, 2010


demmit demmit demmit!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna go so badly!!!!!!!! but i promised my mom no more outings.if only..if ONLY!!! demmit i'm freaking out is so unfair :( i highly doubt i can ever go,unless the stars decide to fall on my laps.if only there's a golden ticket of some sort,or a competition i could win,so i'd get an all-expense paid trip to singapore,one night would be enough.watching mika live is a thrill,let alone meeting him.i don't really hope to meet him,that would be hard to be done,but i've always dreamt of watching his genius up close and's too bad it's in singapore,i might just stand a chance if it's in KL for instance.

hmmm... :(

p/s: did i mention i lost my camera the other day? major bummer.i hate this week.

And The Story Goes.. - Part 3

(what??still??? well yeah,if it isn't wishful thinking,it isn't leanna scarlet,heheh)

well for the pass few days,there hasn't been much of a highlight between lana and alex,it's more to lana and ben.

we were walking up the stairs,heading lazily and hastily towards the library.we were forced to stay within the school compound until school officially ends at 1.40pm,which actually we were walking and talking,we finally came to a stop,where we had to open our shoes and and place our bags by the side of the i was arranging my bags,i saw alex putting his bag near to mine.once again,i trembled as his eyes met was magical,almost as miraculous as lying on the tender grass,staring blankly at the floating diamonds in the sky.his eyes were undeniably mesmerizing,and there was no doubt why i totally fell for him the moment i set foot into the new town.if only i could smile,even a half smile would do to tell him the very least regarding what's going on in my heart when in his presence.

however,the moment fizzled all out of a sudden when ben showed up.he gave me a slight shook on my bag and requested to meet me,ALONE,after tuition class.i pretended not to hear him,and i went to my the look of my pale face and rounded eyes,they knew what i was about to ask them.obviously the WHOLE CLASS heard what ben asked me.they said they've never seen me so terrified before.we sat on a table,in a circle,making assumptions,one after another.i remained silent and speechless,until a substitute teacher joined our little conversation.he's a young gentleman,a few years older than us.desperate,i asked for his assumption was the fact that ben was trying to confess and propose me to be his girlfriend.i wanted to know what's the best way to reject a guy without offending him.ridiculous but true.many advice were given,some funny,some overrated and some just didn't make sense.i didn't know what more to do.i waited,and waited and waited...

ling was slightly jumping and smiling until her cheeks turned red.she excitedly approached me and told me that she finally knew which one alex was.meanwhile,i was torn between meeting ben or running away from time was running out,i decided to do the latter.i pulled Ling from her seat and tried to take the was extremely hilarious how the elevator held a grudge against me,refusing to go up in time for me to escape from ben.i was really thankful i still had enough strength to rush down the stairs although the building was 3 storeys was pretty much a work-out for me,but i didn't mind.i wanted to RUN RUN RUN! Ling was a bit confused,until i explained to her the reason i did that while running.i didn't even care if max was in front of us,he wouldn't know whom i was referring to,so i had not much things to worry of.once i reached the ground floor,i literally ran towards my mom's car,and i was safe.i saw ben standing by the sidewalk,staring as my car drove was a major really that i stood him up. never ends.the situation haunted me in my sleep.i dreamt that the next day,ben confronted me and asked for my excuse of that little the same time alex was there,demanding the truth about whom i was in love with.i couldn't help but just stare into his eyes,hoping he would understand.the dream kept on repeating until it almost drove me nuts.i knew i said a couple of names in my sleep,what a disease.

i was more worried of ben's reaction rather than my marks,how crazy is that?well my marks aren't half bad,there are a couple of unsuspecting results,as of now:
Eng - 90
Maths- 90
Islam - 90
Physics -79
Chem - 79
Bio - 86
Addmaths - 73
Est - 65 (wahahahaha)
Sej - 88 (wtf??? i expected lower but thank God,hehe)
now we're down to BM.again,i expect a major flop..LOL.

enough about the grades,let's get back to the two stooges,ben and alex.i saw them by the side of the PA system at the assembly spot.they looked sillier than ever.they stood there,helpless,not knowing whetheror not to approach me.they whispered to each other when i was a few meters away,heading towards them.ily,deila,syeira and nizar were my faithful bodyguards of the day.they surrounded me and formed some sort of human barrier,in their finest attempt to protect me from any ben-ful was funny in a way but sweet.i highly appreciate their loyalty.i know now that i will never walk alone. :)

the rest of the days were ordinary,if you don't count the number of encounters and wonderful eye contacts between lana and alex that is :)

so that's about it.till then..

to be continued..