Monday, August 31, 2009

She's 52!

today is 31st of August! and u know what that means,it's another happy return of the year for that special one! who? MALAYSIA of course! it's the 52nd Independence Day! and as always,year after year,the government will come up with a certain tagline for the celebration.this year's tagline is '1 Malaysia,rakyat didahulukan,pencapaian diutamakan'- translated it means '1 Malaysia,prior to the people,prior to the achievements'.this morning,my school's choir team was invited to perform at the district level celebration held in Stadium Muar.we were asked to be there at about was pretty grand.there were confetti and colourful flags everywhere.people were reciting prayers,pledges, was a very patriotic atmosphere.of course,our presence wasnt much of a noticeable one.everyone was singing so our voices were hardly heard.might as well not sing at all =.=" but hell,we're malaysians! we should at least do something for merdeka right?although i do admit my focus wasn't 100% ON the singing,i had my mp3 headphones in my ears hidden beneath my clothes,haha..

ok,enough about me.let's focus on Independence Day or as we call it here in Malaysia,'s rather cliche' to define that word in your point of view right?but am gonna do it anyway.what is merdeka? some say freedom of speech,some say rights being restored but to me,merdeka is a day of awareness.on this special day,we should be aware that we are living in a peaceful and harmonious manner despite the differences we have.we've been setting all those aside,in our quest in constructing a nation with the most stable foundation mankind has ever known,unity.let's not let colour be the's about time for us to build a 'world wall',where each and every one of us consider eachother as family,living under one roof.

together,let's show the world what we're made of! :D

p/s: i be writing a review on Mika's Songs For Sorrow EP..stay put!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Prince of Smiles - Part 2

before i continue with part 2 of the story,check this petition out and consider signing's a petition to make 29th August the annual Michael Jackson Day,a day to cherish children in honor of the late humanitarian who loved children and the world more than anyone did.

Online petition - Make August 29th Michael Jackson Day Worldwide!

The following day,she told her other children to stay indoors and only let the miracle boy play in the backyard alone.She purposely left a pint of seeds at the doorway,hoping that her special son might spot them and spread them on the ground as he did before.Her assumption was right,the miracle boy DID pick up the seeds he found lying around and spread them all over the garden grounds.Nothing unusual happened until the miracle boy started to sing and hum merry tunes.The stiff air started to blow swiftly,swaying the grass and trees.Seed by seed sprouted into buds of joy and beauty.In an instant,he was the center of attention.everyone watched him in awe as his angelic voice sings melodies far beyond any minds could think of.he was no longer a nobody.from that day onwards,his life changed forever.his presence,curing the diseased crops with his voice,had made the ruler of Miles smile for the very first time in their lives.

his father,who used to doubt his magical voice,was bringing him all over the world,even beyond the land of Miles to cure plagues of depression in far-off places.everyone loved him.everywhere he turned,there must be a person or two attracted to talk to him.he remained humble despite such amount of attention given to him in comparison to his other siblings.yet,his life was empty.all he ever did was going all over,creating smiles on everyone's faces while he remained pressured all the time.he was pressured to always give his best and when he failed,even with the slightest failure,it would end up in a painful fate for him.each day,on his travels,he would look out the window upon hearing the joys and laughters of children.before he knew it,tears started to roll down his he wished he got to play just like them,but he knew he will never get the chance to,ever.

regardless of going through things that a child shouldn't,he had a pure heart.he may be smaller than anyone else,but his heart was bigger than anyone could ever imagined.he didnt go around empty-handed.he always had something to give to the poor and less fortunate,especially to homeless children,young and old.his countless good deeds gradually transformed his looks from an ordinary peasant to a prince-like gentleman.his captivating eyes,his rose-red lips,his snow white skin,his tall and broad figure.his very sight brought damsels down to their knees,not to mention his angelic voice.he was far beyond a match for anyone.for this,he became an envy to many gentlemen.his presence had made crops of happiness grow in abundance until he is crowned 'The Prince' among the townfolks of Miles.he was standing on top of the world.

but of course,there was a price he had to pay,he never had the same life he used to live.being the envy of many,the townfolks started to talk about his sudden transformation in looks.they started creating lies to explain it to eachother and make the miracle boy looked bad.his every movement and words became everyone's concern all out of a sudden.this was the reason he became somehow depressed and saddened deep inside despite the bright smile on his face.depression,lonely tears and long-kept sadness hindered his heart from growing up.although he grew older on the outside,his heart remained child-like.he was often seen running around meadows,up and down hills,chasing and playing with children much younger than his some point,he was called Peter Pan,the boy who never grew up.his love for children was extremely unbounded.he even built a castle and named it 'Neverland',dedicated to all his young friends.they were always welcomed to come in and play.

his beautiful deeds,ironicly,was never recognized by the townfolks.the higher he gets in his life,the more most people hated him until one day,it was destined that it was the starting point to his downfall.the sweet angel was accused to have been stealing water from the neighbouring 'River of Beauty'.not only that,there were also people talking about how he took advantage of his young friends who paid him a visit at Neverland.they accused him of abusing them,and snatching away their priceless 'posessions'.this was all false and it came from the mouths of those who envied the miracle prince.the ruler of Miles soon heard of these rumours and decrowned the prince.the only joy he had left was his children.they never failed to make him laugh when he was drowned in sorrow.slowly,he faded away from everyone's attention as he started to stop healing a few lands.

on the contrary,his long disappearance had made people miss him and his magical voice.he realised this,and made a definite decision to return to what he used to do.he had a hard time trying to forget the past,and finally,he succeeded.he stood tall on the highest hill,and started to spread the word that he will be healing the world again like he used to,this time,he would make a bigger effort.everyone was excited by the news and couldn't help but wait what the extra effort might and night,he would stay up late to prepare for one of his biggest 'curtain calls'.he was very excited himself.everyone was looking forward to seeing him again.

one day,a little boy came to his mansion for a visit.the boy,who was actually in tears,went to see the miracle boy to heal his pain.the miracle boy was heartbroken to see the child in so much misery and distress.he gave the child a mild hug,and started cheering him up..he sang,after ages of absence..:

Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by...

If you smile
With your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just...

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just... smile....

yet again,he gave the child a mild hug.the boy's tears vanished into thin air,and he was smiling the brightest smiles he had ever had in his entire life.the child waved him goodbye,and merrily skipped out of his mansion.he then realised that he forgot to thank the miracle prince for healing his pain so he picked out the best blossoms and roses,and skipped back towards the mansion.he saw the prince lying down asleep at his bed.the boy joyfully poked him all over to wake him his shock,the prince was not moving at all.usually he was ticklish and would laugh even due to slightest sensation on his skin.this time,he wasn't.he laid still,with eyes shut tied,and his heartbeat stopped.there wasn't a single trace of breath.the boy was stunned.the flowers in his hands dropped to the floor and was blown away by the winds.he could not believe his eyes.his heartache came back.he shook the prince's body as hard as he could and called his name,but there were no answers.the child slapped himself several times,hoping that it was just a bad dream.sadly,it wasnt.the prince was gone,in front of his very eyes.

only now,the prince was appreciated.
only now,everyone had endless regrets.
only now,he was seen for all the beauty he had done.
only now,they realised they made a big mistake.

but it was too late.the prince was gone.what's left was his memories and all his deeds.
a grand memorial was held in the land of Miles.everyone paid their last respects for him.the whole town was dull again now that he is was a huge grief for everyone,despite their hatred for him during his life.the saddest of them all was of course,the child who seeked for his last remedy.

2 moons passed since his was the late prince's birthday.the children who used to visit him and play went to his mansion to celebrate his birthday.when everyone was gone,the child who met him last went to the backyard near the River of his surprise,he saw a light from a distance.slowly,he went closer to where the light was coming from.a bright,star-like figure stood in the water,with two white wings at the back,which looked like those of turtle doves'.the heavenly figure than turned around.the child immediately jumped into the water and hugged him.'You came back! you came back!' he shouted in was the late prince! reappearing as an angel-like figure.
'I have never been gone,dear child.i was always around,roaming the world.watching over all of i shall have to go,i cannot stay any longer.i have a duty to fulfill.may we meet again someday in your next life.behave well.bear my words in your mind forever "when we were born,we cried while everyone around us were life well,so that when we die,the people around us cry while we are smiling" remember,i live on in each and everyone of your hearts,forever..farewell dear child,i wish you well" ..the figure then disappeared..from that day onwards,the land of Miles was renamed the land of SMILES in honor of the late this day,his legacy lives on...

-the end-

let's not further grief about his passing,instead,let's celebrate and thank God for granting us this sweet angel.may you rest in peace,dear Michael have lived well,and we shall never forget everything you have done.thank you.we will miss you dearly.

written with much love and respect by,
Leanna (me)

dedicated to,
Michael Joseph Jackson @ Mikaeel Jackson Abdullah

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Prince of Smiles - Part 1

[this fairytale story was written in honor of the King of Pop,my childhood hero,on his birthday.if you read carefully,it resembles his life in so many ways.let us not grief over his passing,instead,let's celebrate his legacy.hope u'll love it.] a faraway land of Miles,believed to be named as such because of the behaviour of those who lived there - ignorant and selfish.The town folks were often seen pulling a straight face,not looking at eachother,walking for miles and miles,minding their own business.They went on with their lives despite spotting a beggar by the sidewalk,or a hungry,homeless child crying in hunger.The rulers weren't much of a help either,all they ever thought of was how much they can fill into their pocket spaces day by day.They ruled and conquered,but never did the people under their reign had a say in any decisions made.It was a dictated land,and everyone had no choice but to obey.It was a cruel cruel place to live in,the people suffered a lot.Their lives depended mostly on the crops which they called 'happiness',but in a limited way since they were forced to contribute a small portion for tax.

Things started to worsen when 'The Plague of Depression' stroke the land of Miles.many crops were destroyed due to the famine,and the draught had dried up all the water from the River of days went by,the townfolks grew bitter and bitter.the land was dull and was even more dreadful than any conditions anyone had ever was now 'every man for himself'.

However,this disaster did not last for long.A sudden loud cry of a newborn broke the silence of a cloudy day.all the townfolks gathered around to see the infant for it had been quite a while since the last baby was born.miraculously,it finally rained.the 'tears from the sky' poured upon the barren planting grounds,reigniting fertility that had been long gone.the plague was over! it was as if the birth of the infant was what had brought such blessing to Miles.for the first time,the townfolks were seen smiling to eachother.the parents,and the older siblings of the miracle baby had never been any prouder.

Years went fluttering away,parents of the miracle baby raised their other children really well to the extent where they grew up to be such talented farmers.many were amazed by their ability to grow crops in multiple states and varieties.Soon,they were named 'The Wizards of Miles'.

back then,the grown-up miracle baby wasn't allowed to be beyond the house compound,so he was excluded from the jobs his brothers and sisters had to do.while his siblings were out,he played alone and had no other friends to be with.restricted indoors,he started to explore his backyard one fine day.he found a small bag of seeds lying around near the fridge in the kitchen.he took them out and started to spread them all over the untouched garden ground.when his father saw this,he was in grave trouble for wasting the seeds.he was then grounded and restricted even from his own backyard.

the next day,the mother was opening all the doors and windows of their little house to let the morning sunlight in,as what she had always been doing.when she opened the window facing the backyard,to her amazement,the seeds spread to the ground wasn't wasted after all! before her eyes,she witnessed a cheerful garden,so full of life and vibrance.'Happiness' of many colours and sorts bloomed in a harmonic chorus.She was astonished and stunned by the very sight.It was human impossible for such crops to have been grown overnight,by only spreading the seeds to an unploughed ground.She told her beloved husband of this very awkward situation,but he ended up in a disbelieved laughter.
"Coincidence my love,coincidence.Have you heard of that word? Get used to it.That boy,bah! He is nothing but trouble.Talentless and hopeless.." he mocked.
"Have you forgotten that the rain started to pour again during his birth?" the mother argued.
"Again,coincidence.Read my lips,CO-IN-CI-DENCE.There's no such propostrous things like a miracle baby.It's a made-up myth passed down from our ancestors for pathetic reasons.I would like to hear no more of this nonsense!" he snapped before stomping away in anger.
The mother wasn't convinced enough that it was merely a coincidence.She knew there was something behind it. be continued...

i be writing a sequel.

My Angel,My Childhood Hero

today is the 29th of August.upon noticing this date,tears flooded my's the legendary MJ's.eventhough he didn't live to be 51,he still lives on in our hearts,forever.for this,here are a couple of videos i found on youtube that made me cry endlessly knowing how such angel is being mistreated dreadfully by all the blind and greedy motherf***ers.he didn't deserve this and i for one,am glad he is now in a better place where he shall no longer have to bear such amount of pain.

this first video shows his performance on MTV.the indirectly biographcal song is called WILL YOU BE THERE? the words he said right towards the end brings a deep meaning and only now does it make perfect sense for him..

his spectacular smile and deeds that the tabloids NEVER bothered to cover and expose to the world.yes,it's beautiful,and watching this makes me shed tears even more.i'm not ashamed to say so.

this next video is the music video for one of his masterpieces called 'Childhood'.if you watch closely,it tells us exactly how his painful childhood had affected how he turned out to be.this song is one of my favourites simply because of the lyrics,melody and music arrangement that pretty much reminds me of the classical disney movies i used to love (and still do) as a child.

this last clip,needless to say,is how EVERYONE should remember Michael by.i need not to say more,everything is mentioned in the video.

next post will be my way of paying tribute to him..


Thursday, August 27, 2009


you guys are not gonna believe what happened to me this's practicly my first day of puasa this year since..well..hehe..girls should know.and my mom's phone alarm HAD to get so screwed up,i missed out on sahur! dang..imagine a day without a meal since 10pm last night.phew~ not that i'm complaining,i'm just glad i wasn't as weak as i thoughti would be.

but that's not the highlight here.
as we all know,rudy,my favourite drummer from my favourite band,Pop Shuvit,is skipping the band's roadtour in Japan to prepare for his wife's labor.and guess what,on 26th,yesterday,lil miss shuvit was born and here she is!

Eva Lestari bte Azlan Rudy..isn't she just adorable??conrats to rudy and intan kartini! next should be AJ and ehmm..JD,?? hehehe..

i heard a song from MJ called 'Childhood'.the lyrics and the video,not to mention the music,pretty much reminds me of the classical disney movies i used to love watching when i was helps me to understand MJ better,besides learning a valuable lesson never to deprive youth of their childhood.

i just noticed,his birthday is just days away! since everyone's doing a video tribute,guess i can do what i do best,write! i'm gonna write something in his honor,a fairytale-like short story of some sort.i'll think of something and post it up here.stay put! till then..i gotta get back to my procrastinated's gonna be a busy day tomorrow starting with the Independence Day choir rehearsal at the stadium.toodles peeps..

love me before you judge me.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcoming Ramadhan With Arms Wide Open

Good Riddance Satans! go to hell where u belong,ne ne ne pu pu ;p u can't influence me to do bad stuff now!

assalamualaikum wbt! ahlan wasahlan oh holy month of ramadhan! much waited with anticipation.this year,i hope i shall be showered by Allah with many blessings and guidances in this journey to the next world.i got to do tarawikh prayers on the first ramadhan night,but couldn't fast for the first two days now :( really hope i could double/triple up my ibadah this yr.

lately,i have been tested with so many trials and tribulations.being cursed by the form 5 students while i'm on duty at school,relationship-related issues,also being stuck in the middle of a friendship comes in both ways people,i;m stuck in the middle.i can't move because i dun wanna be partial.both at school and at home,i'm being given's like being enclosed in a confinement where all the walls are closing in on windows,no doors,no way's as if midlife crisis is starting to sink into my life.basicly i really wish all these would come to an overwhelming amount of homework doesn't help in assuaging this little misery too.

just to correct the fact,peeps,i'm not depressed coz Aaron Sim got the trip to the Japan.he deserves it! just look at this

well congrats man! have fun there! :D i expected it since the very beginning.on the brightside,i've got exclusive merchandise peeps! those money-cant-buy ones,what more can i ask for? and besides,moots is right.if i were ever to win that trip,how am i gonna ask for permission to go?what am i gonna say and do i afford to skip a week of school to be quarantined at home? so..i guess it's a blessing in disguise.

also,Ramadhan is the month where souls are freed from the other world to visit their families reminds me of my late grandfathers and late granduncles.also a few other individuals especially those who recently left:

Alfatihah.Ustaz Asri died of a heart attack recently.his many contirbutions in the field of dakwah through music shall always be remembered,forever.may Allah bless his soul.

and remember our dear Mikaeel?i missed him too much.i've been watching the videos of him with his young's the outcome of one who had been deprived of his childhood.he will be missed dearly..and his birthday's coming soon.surely his soul is roaming the earth now that it's ramadhan.please say nice things about him peeps,and to muslims,let's pay tribute of our alfatihahs for him,for all the philanthrophy he had done whilst he was still alive.

may his legacy live on,so that the world will remain a better place as when he was still with us.

together,we shall bring happy tears for our children,and our children's children.

Give thanks to Allah.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

gara2 anwar,aku teraddicted lak..haha..layankan~ lagu baru besh ni.

Lirik Hujan – Mencari Konklusi

Belum tersimpul mati
Ikatan itu ku buka sendiri
Terus bertempiaran
Cinta huraian
Ku takkan mengerti

Teka silangkata
Membuat parah menambah persoalannya
Aku tak pasti yang kita hadapi
Yang kita semua cari

Coba tenang seketika
Coba pejam mata
Biar resah hilang saja

Dan coba diamnya bicara
Sediam bersama
Di temani jasad kita

Kan ku cari konklusi

The Girl In The Mirror

have you ever took a moment,even a brief one,to stand before a mirror and stare into your own eyes?i've done it,numerous times.i tell myself loads of things.most of the time i tell myself:

You are an outgoing person. You have a quirky personality. You love being the center of attention and shine your brightest when you're in the spotlight. You're an independent individual, able to hold your own ground. You're steadfast in the things you believe, but remember to keep an open mind. You're a leader in your group of friends and people often look towards you for guidance.

ok maybe not,stole that form an fb quiz,lol.but what i'm trying to point out here is about how i view myself as,without considering how others do.i view myself as an individual,who likes to put a smile on everyone's faces eventhough it means sacrificing my own happiness.i try hard,really hard,to satisfy everyone.but,being a mortal human always hinders my efforts.i have a destination,i already am in the middle of the journey,yet i make mistakes along the way.being a human,once again,makes having problems inevitable in life.

also,being a human,i can't always be the one who takes the blame.yes,i want everyone to be happy,but in life,we have to be selfish when it comes to personal rights.say,there's this's not even clear nor proven that you are 100% to be blamed,but in the end,you are.the other party wants you to admit it,eventhough there are no evidence at's a partial decision,and i know it's unfair.true,i admit that i am the kind of person who hates to lose,but in this case,can you see where this situation might take me to if i forfeit the game and just take the blame?further depression,that's where.people can talk,and speculate,say whatever they want.yes i do write crap,as if anyone gives a damn.

*sigh*'s my fault,if that makes you happy i'll admit's always been me're always right and i'm always wrong.i'm never right,period.i'm just a 16-year-old good-for-nothing bitch.i don't even know why you guys are even reading's all a lie,it's all false and you're wasting approximately 10minutes of your lives to go through this emotional post.i feel hopeless now,so i think i should stop now.

and seeing the rest of the competitors are not helping as well.they are far better than me.Japan trip seems far-fetched now,and my life will get more miserable as the day goes,to-morrow and to-morrow..what gives me hope is the knowledge that it's gonna be another day,if i'm still alive.

looking for a 'pause' button

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Now?

phew~ it's only been a few days since my pc broke down,yet it feels like it's been ages! lotsa things happened during my absence.a series of bad luck,if you may.
well a few days ago,Monday,to be precise,our school choir team was requested by the Muarian Board of Education to perform at the grand opening ceremony for this year's District Level Independence Month all of us were requested to sing 5 SONGS! yeah people,never in our lives have we sung so many songs at a time,with practice period of less than a week! but miraculously,we did well.the disastrous part was when the extremely hot sunbeams shone upon us (no,not like the heavenly lights at all).it was extremely hot and all of us had thick stage makeup on,imagine how sweaty and uncomfortable we top it all up,we were wearing black socks and high-heels,our feet were killing us and our throats started to dry up pretty fast waiting for the PPD to come.dang~ why do VVIPs have the rights to not be punctual at all? how inconsiderate *yeah put me in ISA..see if i care anymore.* but overall,performance was quite least the audience (consisting a bunch of eve session high school muarian boys and a few other motorcyclists from a special convoy) were responsive enough to support least we felt appreciated for once.

so ok,that was just one.imagine the likes of me without a pc for 3 days?and i was too frustrated of it.when i went home form school,i kinda put my guitar in the wrong ended up flat on the floor with a loud bang,absolutely nothing was there to break its fall.poor poor Afi..tweeted about it,but cikgu said not to love it too much.he had encountered worse accidents with his 112j.guess what? he RAN IT OVER with his CAR!! yeah wtf man? but of course,that's why u need high standard guitars.his guitar is still ok to this day.(dun ask me how the accident happened,i'm wondering too..)

and tomorrow,i blew off my chance to legally skip school :(( tomorrow i was supposed to be attending this programme in Pagoh called 'Campus Astro' but i screwed it because of the stupid school mag meeting.dang~ all for the love of my duty as BM editor.Jems,shu wan n yenny were right,duty comes before personal,be it.i'm not going but it's least my conscience is fulfilled.I'm happy :) although i'm still hoping that God will trade all the trips i miss with a bigger and more meaningful one,JAPAN! lol.sorry,can't stop talking bout's what i want since i can't join any international homestay programmes.u guys gotta understand,jAPAN is one of the top three places i wanna visit.honestly this is my chart:

1.Mekkah,Saudi Arabia (visited)
2.New York/Los Angeles,USA (still dreamin' bout it)
3.TOKYO,JAPAN (one step closer now!)
4.Paris,France (still aiming)
5.Spain or Italy

but hell,Moots is extending the dateline.conflabbit! i gotta wait a little longer,sigh~ kak abby's sttmnt was a spirit lifter though.she said among the top 10 pictures chosen as of now,mine,rin's and aaron sim's had high potential of winning.hmm..let's just see..

oh btw:

my fav drummer followed me on twitter! wee~ ahahha.

that's all peeps.till then,i shall be dreaming of Japan!

itsumo suki dayo.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


"When Life throws you lemons,..throw them back at it!"
-i say,START A FOOD FIGHT!!!!! U KNOW YOU WANT TO XD THAT is an inspirational quote,with a little personal addition of mine.thanks to Deb,my Sunday sucks less as before now :D

so on the brightside,people who attend the concerts are exposing themselves to public,which means,it's a hazardous situation.i for one,am thankful that i discovered this game called mafia wars.not only addictive,but it also brings out the inner criminal in me! haha.try it guys.u won't regret.

OH! Justin Chon XD


sometimes,the world makes me sick! people keep talking but they don't have any idea on what they're saying.they don't make sense and they tend to make up things that never even existed!

sometimes i feel like kicking their arse real hard,even the person they are thinking of would feel the pain! i dont know why they had to do they obtain satisfaction by doing so?do they hold grudges for the littlest of mistakes? or are they merely sickoes wanting trouble for a living?

sorry for the sudden emotional post.i'm just sick of everyone's attitude nowadays.they keep spreading rumors,trying to tumble eachother down for their own pride and's sickening,'s if you're perfect yourself.always consult 'the man in the mirror' before you judge others.that's that.

meanwhile,i shall be waiting..yet again.won't be long now.another 4 days yana,JUST 4 days.any longer,am gonna BURST! lol.i need a vacay,really badly.that Japan trip had been running through my mind all day and all night,damn..imagine all the awesome gigs i missed out on this yr: Rock The World,SunBurst,Rockaway and now MTV World Stage.this Japan tour thing is worth all those gigs! well i won't be hoping too highly on winning's just that,i really wanna know whether i'm eligible.stopping the high anticipation doesn't always mean i stopped crossing my fingers right?

everyone seems to doubt me for my age.this has to STOP! so since everyone is going with the flow,i was considering a twist in my tactics.
it is undeniably one of the most impossible missions,however,it has to be done.wish me luck.

in other words,Moots! is a hard nut to aint easy.Cikgu is easier.he always falls for bribes (i.e: chocolates,lol).let's just see whether kak abby's plan is gonna work out,hahaha.

just found out the tour (Gangima Nite) will be held in Tokyo (Aug 28th) and Nagoya (Aug 30th).dang...adrenaline rushing!! XD here's the flyer on the Shuvit Space.

i be studying now.

The Three Justins

everyone has their own favouritism in a guy or for me,i discovered maybe i might have a crush on 3 celebrities with similar first names,'s the first Justin:

yeah of course u know him.he's JT,the sizzle on grills,the cherry on sundaes..he's the hot kidn on the block that girls are dying to get.ultimate hotness~ but since he's too far-fetched,let's move on to the next justin on my list.

here's Justin chatwin.u might not know him yet,but he plays the role of son goku in dragonball evolution.not bad for his bubbliness and the way he says "missed again.." when repelling the bully's punches. :D

the last justin is...

justin chon! dun recognize him?he's eric in twilight,the eyes and ears of forks high,lol.since everyone's so into edward cullen,i decided to crush on him his smile,it's so charming <3

also..still somehow addicted to the old homeboys..hmmm..

enha :") credits to kak cita for the muzik2 rehearsal shots.

and my mika XD

btw,there's not much that had happened within the three days.just that,i'm missing out on MTV World Stage! my fav bands were there: estranged,hoobastank,AAR.. what could be a bigger nightmare :( so,miserably,i played mafia wars at home on facebook,and watched twilight (at last..coz i missed it last yr).dang~ really hope my life will turn around soon.i can't stop thinking of winning that trip to Japan!
so kak abby joked,she said she's gonna watch Pop Shuvit live tomorrow so most probably she'll hypnotize them to let me win,hahaha..

speaking of pop shuvit..

do u STILL think cikgu is not trying to stalk me? XD

well so that's about it.another mundane-made-interesting post of mine.haiz~ gtg now guys.i'll see ya later.chow~

isushite mo-ii,shuvits ;p

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Proud To Be A Leftie

hey it's 0000,13th aug 2009! do u know what that means?today's the first ever WORLD LEFTHANDER'S DAY! so happy lefthander's day to all lefties! the best part is,i answered this Q&A by voize f and won myself a 2-day-1-nite stay at tunes hotel penang! this was my speech:

Hi everyone especially all those lefties out there! glad to have been born as one of the minority in this world.we lefties are special as we are and we are proud to have been gifted this way.may all the lefties out there spread their talents and make the world a better place despite being outnumbered.together,we stand as one.long live lefties! because we are special just like that.


a) which leg would you kick a ball or which hand do you use a racket?
b) can you write with both hands?
c) Which hand do you use to open a can with a can-opener or which hand do you use a scissor?
d) If you play the guitar, which hand do you use to strum the guitar? Left or right? or both?

a)i kick balls with both legs but i use a racket with my right hand.
b)nope,i write and draw with my left hand.
c) right.but i stir things with my left hand.
d) yes i play the guitar.i strum with my right hand though.

i got so tensed up today but thanks to jijie,i let it all,am happy now! :D

here's what u need to understand me as much as jijie does:



Friendships Affection



Lack of Romance
Time Limits

At work you have a strong desire to influence others so they may lead more significant lives. You often work in the arts, communication, education, and helping professions. You are adept at motivating and interacting with others

In love you seek harmonious relationships. You are a true romantic and believe in perfect love that lasts forever. You bring drama, warmth, and empathy to relationships. You enjoy sysmbols of romance such as flowers, candlelight, and musci an cherish the small gestures of love.

In childhood you were extremely imaginative and found it difficult to fit into the structure of school life. You reacted with great sensitivity to discordance or rejection and sought recognition. You responded to encouragement

that's all for now..ta!

p/s: watched dragonball evolution and moonwalker today.dang~
justin chatwin was goku,and despite the fact that he was white,he's effing steaming!!! dang~

and i didn't say MJ wasnt..XD

here's one of my fav scenes from Moonwalker.'BADDER',a somewhat parody of 'BAD'.see the mini MJ ,haha..

normal is overrated,so is depression.

3..2..1...Next Stop, JAPAN!

is this love? dang i can't get my mind off that Japan trip.i stumbled upon a few pictures from last year's homestay in Japan owned by some dude named Doug,i envy him in so many ways.i think i'm in love,not with him,but with the country.the only scene that keeps appearing on my mind is the scene of a street lined with blooming sakuras.

i'm just one step away from getting to Japan.crossing my fingers now,3 days to go till the winner is announced.sigh~ ..competitions are close.wonder if my picture is good enough,tsk tsk..

hoping for inspiration if i were ever to get there.fresh japanese atmosphere should do thee trick.mind's haywire lately,i need a vacation and fast.

thinking of sushi,original ones.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What Matters The Most

hey guys! a lot of things happened lately despite my brief absence.remember the XPAX GOT X GOT FRIENDS contest? check this out..

this was on Rudy's tweets.i guess i'm not the only one thrilled to win that trip to Japan! wait,there's more,now check THIS out..

my name appeared TWICE..i repeat,TWICE,on Pop SHuvit's tweets.not that it matters whether or not it's a good sign of high probability in winning,it's merely the fact that your name doesn't appear TWICE in your fav band's tweets everyday you i guess i can consider that as LUCK XD

lately i've been pretty much addicted to free online movies site.a few days back,i watched Terminator Salvation and i think,compared to Transformers 2,this prequel movie is an undoubtedly a million times BIGGER in success!

notice how colours are always the drawback in choosing an outfit?but fear no more,for there ARE colours that actually suit you regardless of your skin tone.these colours are known as 'universal spectrum' and belong to neither dark nor bright colour tone.the four universally flattening colours are:
1.egg plant
2.true red
3.indian teal
4.mellow rose.

read more here:

well that's it for now folks.gotta scat now.but first,did you know that Aug 13th is Lefthander's Day? and yes,i do give a damn since i'm one of the minority as well! :D that's three days from now.i answered a few questions posted by VOIZE and won a mystery prize.can't wait for it! meanwhile,i shall continue my game of Guitar Geek now while thinking of cherry blossom buds! toodles.

cherry blossom love affair INDEED!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Of 1234,Circuit-Breaking Voice & Rainy Relationships

oh wow,i think today's the best Friday i've had in a lifetime! here's how the day went.

as usual,we have this Yassin recital on Friday morning every's kind of like a common routine for convent muslim girls in case you're Puan Senik,our agama Islam teacher led the she was trying to talk:

PS: okay,pada hari ini *knocking sound* pada hari ini kita *knock knock*
students: *giggle*
PS: *tries to talk but yet again interrupted by knocking sound*

hahaha..well the day gets better.

BM oral test was today,so i was first since abi was usual,being a procrastinator since birth,i played games instead of preparing for it the night resort,i sang a song entitled 'impian terlaksana' since i'm already familiar with it.the funny part comes in when..

Yana: bumi yang hijau..janganlah hanya dipandang..kota yang megah bukan lah hanya hi-a *TRIP!*
whole class: hahahah..

dang~ the lights when out,the whole class had a short the middle of MY SINGING! well that proves that i have vocal power strong enough to break electrical circuits,LOL! haha..but seriously,i was pro enough to continue singing despite the embarrassing 3 seconds.

and today,something that happens for only one second within a period of one thousand years actually occured and i for one am personally proud to have been alive to witness it!
it's the unique time shown on clocks and watches.12.34pm,56 seconds,on 7th august 2009.if u read it carefully,it goes 123456789! now isnt that cool? the next one should be in another milennium! well,it was awesome ;) thanks to shu wan for telling me bout it.

also,check out this awesome article on YAHOO!:

Hair today, diamonds tomorrow

If this doesn't rock your world and you don't balk at the thought of wearing a real piece of Michael, you are not alone so don't stop till you get enough. Prospective purchasers are queuing up to buy one of a unique set of diamonds manufactured from MJ's hair. A Chicago company has said it had obtained some of the locks Jackson burned while filming a 1984 Pepsi commercial and planned to create a limited edition of ten diamonds from them.

The company has a patent on a process that extracts carbon from hair, turns it into crystals and then into high-quality laboratory diamonds. No sale price has been set but the same company created three diamonds from locks of Beethoven's hair in 2007, and sold one of them for around $200,000. It's highly likely that the MJ diamond will beat it.

i'd love to get me a carat or two XD if i were filthy rich i mean.

here's another good one.since the weathers hot and thirst-quenching drinks are like a necessity,always think twice,thrice and so forth before u decide to consume this..

Large Ice Cream Soda with Vanilla Ice Cream Float (32 ounces)
960 calories
40 g fat (25 g saturated, 1.5 g trans)
136 g sugars


that's about it people..that wraps up the potentially most exciting friday of mylife.more to come later..

before i go,here's a little personality analysis.

You are impressive and fascinating. People are drawn to your glory.
You are a profound and passionate person. You are boundless in your power.

You have a philosophical and poetic soul. You take a lot of time to reflect.
You are mysterious and captivating. You are too deep for anyone to figure out."

TTFN..tata for now!

thinking of Japan.OH SIZUKA! :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Z-O-M-B-I-E-S vs M-A-L-A-S doesn't that remind u of...err nevermind.i'm attempting to get over the MJN1 infection,lolx.i'll just write a summary of what happened recently since i'm M-A-L-A-S ..yes,that's the one word that says it all.sloth seems to be a trait of mine nowadays.

why zombie?because the black circle around my eyes are now more obvious,my face is paler and i get angry more easily than usual,haha.overworked i guess.i'm being remarked as such,not that i mind ;p

i'll start with the bad news so that we'll end up with positivity.

my aunt had another stroke attack and is now permanently in a coma.may God have mercy upon her,amin.on the brightside,my mom's other siblings are now more aware of eachother's conditions and are now having a stronger bond than usual.

another bad news,i'm under kawalan pelajar again this month,will be guarding 5.4.luckily my first day on the job turned out better than expected.i really hope this cooperation of theirs will last till the final day of my job as the prefect in charge of them.

move on move on..
this was the wedding i attended.they served chinese food and the reception ceremony was a bit different.

scrumptuous appetiser aite? dun ask me wht they were,have no idea.what i know is they're effing expensive,haha.
next course took quite awhile,it's shark fin soup.this makes the second time of me trying out this dish.first time was when i'm in kulai.
for those who are wondering how sharkfin soup looks like :

next course is sweet n sour fish,buttered prawn and broccolis served with black chinese mushrooms.

and for dessert,honey dew ice cream..mmm~ :d

here comes the bride and groom.kak norma (old family friend of ours and her husband)

so on monday,there was this contest announced by pop shuvit offering a once-in-a-lifetime all-expense paid trip to japan with them by uploading ur best rockstar moment or with pop 15 entries will be chosen..and guess what?

all my hardwork and sleepless night had finally paid of! i'm one of the lucky 15! immediately phoned kak yaya to inform her since her photo was chosen as on the photo to enlarge.

well,that's bout it.gotta prepare for BM oral now.will be singing and explaining my favourite humanitarian number from One Buck Short entitled Kelibat Korupsi.i'm a last minute kind of person,lol. ta!

rrrr ~