Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Three Justins

everyone has their own favouritism in a guy or for me,i discovered maybe i might have a crush on 3 celebrities with similar first names,'s the first Justin:

yeah of course u know him.he's JT,the sizzle on grills,the cherry on sundaes..he's the hot kidn on the block that girls are dying to get.ultimate hotness~ but since he's too far-fetched,let's move on to the next justin on my list.

here's Justin chatwin.u might not know him yet,but he plays the role of son goku in dragonball evolution.not bad for his bubbliness and the way he says "missed again.." when repelling the bully's punches. :D

the last justin is...

justin chon! dun recognize him?he's eric in twilight,the eyes and ears of forks high,lol.since everyone's so into edward cullen,i decided to crush on him his smile,it's so charming <3

also..still somehow addicted to the old homeboys..hmmm..

enha :") credits to kak cita for the muzik2 rehearsal shots.

and my mika XD

btw,there's not much that had happened within the three days.just that,i'm missing out on MTV World Stage! my fav bands were there: estranged,hoobastank,AAR.. what could be a bigger nightmare :( so,miserably,i played mafia wars at home on facebook,and watched twilight (at last..coz i missed it last yr).dang~ really hope my life will turn around soon.i can't stop thinking of winning that trip to Japan!
so kak abby joked,she said she's gonna watch Pop Shuvit live tomorrow so most probably she'll hypnotize them to let me win,hahaha..

speaking of pop shuvit..

do u STILL think cikgu is not trying to stalk me? XD

well so that's about it.another mundane-made-interesting post of mine.haiz~ gtg now guys.i'll see ya later.chow~

isushite mo-ii,shuvits ;p

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