Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thinking Beyond Infinity

hi peeps! i have had some really random overdue thoughts lately that i've intended to share with all of you but i can't,considering all things i have to settle,not forgetting my vow to not go online on this just leaves me with 2 mingy days to blog and update all of has been hectic and so far,2010 has served me really well.i just came back from Syira's sister's wedding.we all had a blast and the doorgift is simply wonderful! but what i'm trying to focus on here is not about the wedding OR the scrumptous dessert.instead,our hopes and dreams.i know,i'll be turning 17 in less than a month and that means i only have one year to be dependent before i fly on my own,making my own decisions and obeying my own rules as i go.also,i know how much i wanted to be an adult back when i was 15.i used to whine about being underage etc,but now that i'm clos eto being what i've been always dreaming about,i'm slightly worried about my future.some of my plans do fall apart back in the old days,but no one can actually predict what might happen in the new future.however,things will never happen unless it is,what i'm going to do after SPM is get myself a driving license,get a part-time job at the curve,use the money to fund jam sessions and recording sessions for my band and of course,college will be my next step once the results are does sound smooth,but things can always turn the other way around and life has never been smooth for anyone.this is exactly why i will be thinking of plan B,which i will inform you of once i've gotten my mind into plan A,in my opinion,is pure gold and as solid as can be.i wonder what will it take for me to come up with another backup band,my future,my hopes and dreams,are all messed up lately.all i need is support from everyone around me and things should be okay.once again,i do hope i won't end up disappointing myself anyway,about my 17th birthday,i'll give all of you a very crystal-clear wishlist so that (hahaha....) you guys won't end up giving me something that will become another 'resident un der my bed'.:

-This Is It DVD
-Mj's Thriller 25th Anniversary
-a new guitar pick ;p
-a metronome (I NEED ONE!)
-MJ's opus :P
-Mika's The Boy Who Knew Too Much (deluxe version)
-Mika's PDP DVD

there you go. XD good luck hunting for them! (if you love me)
ok,it was a joke.of course i appreciate anything y'all give to me as long as it comes form your heart. :)

that's all i guess.till next time.i'll be blogging about an overdue event: MUSIKA Exhibition in petrosains later with pics! toodles.

shooting the stars with a giant slingshot.