Friday, June 25, 2010

Dangerous History

hey fellers..looky2! it's June 25th,remember what is the most significant tragedy to this date?you don't?seriously?are you sure you don't live under a rock? LMAO.people come on,June 25th last year,a legend passed away.he wasn't just an ordinary legend,he DANGEROUSly made HISTORY by being such a THRILLER to the ladies,INVINCIBLE to those proclaiming him to be BAD while in truth he's nothing but a hero who made most people realise how important it is to HEAL THE WORLD regardless of whether you are BLACK OR WHITE.he was none other than the one and only....

MICHAEL JOSEPH JACKSON! that's my favourite photo of be honest,he looked his best during the Thriller Era,not saying that he doesn't look good during other's been a year since his sudden passing,yet my heart still aches from it.he was such an indescribable songwriter,entertainer,entrepreneur,humanitarian,singer,actor and father to his kids.i know how painful this date is to everyone who loves him,especially his adoring fans and children.but we,as loyal MJ fans,should always uphold his message of peace and love.we must no longer shed a tear,for we know that he's in a better place now,smiling down upon us,hoping that we will always sustain his legacy in our own might.

thank you Michael,for inspiring me to become a passionate musician and minor humanitarian.
are you having fun up there? :) what amuses me the most is debbie's word of comfort,stating that my dad and MJ are leading a league of angels,moonwalking down the pathway of Heaven.i know it's surreal,but i would like to think of it as that me some sort of peace of mind.

as a tribute,check out the MJ megamix on my blog mixpod! enjoy~ and MJ,i love you more and more.RIP.. i miss you.soaring up so high,watching you are forever :)