Monday, May 18, 2009


Letting Go

I thought it would all end,but i was wrong.i was dead wrong.ever wondered why sometimes in life,we can't always get what we want?i have learnt that as that lesson had been taught to me so many times by God.right now,He is testing me whether i have trully listened to Him,all his teachings throughout the 16 years of life i have encountered.another lesson yet to be learnt is that,no matter how much you lvoe someone,you have to learn to let go,for his own happiness' sake.if you refuse to do so,it means you are selfish and in the end,happiness will only be on your side,not his.that's why right now,i am finding ways to make it happen,to let go,to set him free,although it will be tougher than it sounds.i MUST try,and i MUST try hard.i don't want to see him all depressed because of me,i want him to be free in his own world.i shall admire him from far,and heal his wounds when he needs me.i'll be a true guardian angel for him,and i shall never break my wings like i did before.i'll be selfless from now on.i'll be sitting here,waiting for him to call me when in need.i shall be invisible in his eyes,and will only appear to him when he summons me.i shall love him for eternity,without him knowing it.then i shall always make his days happy,as how he has shined the days for me.

Terasa indah..
Bila kita terbuai dalam alunan cinta..
Sedapat mungkin terciptakan rasa..
Keinginan saling memiliki

Namun bila,
Itu semua dapat terwujud
Dalam satu ikatan cinta
Tak semudah seperti yang pernah terbayang..
Menyatukan perasaan....

Tetaplah menjadi bintang dilangit
Agar cinta kita akan abadi
Biarlah sinarmu tetap menyinari alam ini,
Agar menjadi saksi cinta kita

Lambat sudah...
Kini semua harus berakhir
Mungkin inilah jalan yang terbaik
Dan kita mesti relakan kenyataan ini

Menjadi saksi kita berdua....

i can't be honest with you,because that person is you.and the fact that i'm still waiting for you is the last thing i'll want you to ever know,so never ask again.
i dare to mention it here because i doubt you'll ever read happy,for whatever you desire in life.i love you,forever.

-waiting for a miracle.