Friday, June 11, 2010


i must be deluded...have i showed you the song i wrote?

Secret Affair
by leanna scarlet

Hear me now,,when i call your name
Clear my doubts,and erase my pain
Hear me now,in my loneliness
For only thou can dry my tears
Hear me now,when the world is cold
I need you now,to have and hold

and when you look into my eyes,i swear i see forever
and when you whisper to my ears,i swear i hear an angel,
For only you can break me,
For only you can make me,
For only you can tame my angst,
For only you...

Hear me now,when the truth reveals
For only though,to it appeals

There's nothing left for us to hide
Now that you and me are side by side
I know this is eternity
I wonder if we're meant to be?

for marlon :)

Through the Looking Glass

i hope this explains the existence of the Midnight Society,the Gossip Guys and of course,all the overrated nicknames i've been having XDD

The Three Words vs The Three Gossip Guys

everything's a threesome now,and it's you know how much i hate the number 2 now?2 wives.. (shall not elaborate) 2 peas in a pod?2 is better than one? CRAPPO... make it 4 :DD

say hello to my gossip guys: carlos,adrian and jasper :D
i don't know how i suddenly got close to them but somehow we're all like FOUR peas in a pod instead of just two.i figured jasper and carlos empathized my luck more than ever,since all of us are experiencing the same kind of love story,one-sided and for adrian,he's just being a listener,a good one too.

i heart you,gossip guys! we shall have our sessions every night as of now.thanks for diverting my attention away from marlon :)

have i mentioned how crappo my dreams have been?1st i dreamt that Moots Shuvit is a cyborg,and then the next night i dreamt that i got married to ....

STOP... i miss him,damn..

come on best friend,i miss you a lot! can't you just understand? :( it hurts to know that i might have to jeopardize our friendship to give way to my emotions.


anyway..had fun having dinner with Rin,Mich and babah today.

i wish i could be more like arnold and less like chocolate boy.
"Chocolate boy,go to the fire station,tell them we're stuck in this tree and DON'T STOP FOR CHOCOLATES!"
Arnold Phil Shortman (Hey Arnold).