Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'll Believe It When I See It : New Chapter

is this for drummerboy?

well,moving on isn't so hard.all you have to do is return waaay back to where you had started,or at least,find the best of distractions to divert your attention.but of course,along the way you'll meet up with the crumbs of your past..
apparently when I said my heart was empty,i meant do others managed to find out?

i was always caught daydreaming..

it's ALL because of him.. :"D if i hadn't seen him the first place i wouldn't have been caught up in this situation.if it was just a coincidence and not destiny,why am I so hooked up on him?

when he's around,i wonder how stupid i sound,with all that stuttering and pathetic attempts to be funny.i always look at him after making jokes,just to see whether he laughs.a little obsessive,i know,lol.

although i always sound or look as if i'm trying to screw him up,but deep down,i'm hiding something very VERY intriguing in a sense where if the secret was ever dug out,it will be the end of me..

i keep it to myself for quite some time now,all the emotions and reasonings.also,the words and hidden revelations.i tried to make it as abstract as possible..

but alas,being the failure i am,they managed to discover it without me having to inform them.this had been going on since two years ago,deep admiration,long-kept and as secretive as men can be.everything happens for a reason,now i understand what they're trying to say.if he hadn't invited me into his band,none of this will ever happen yet again.falling back in? perhaps perhaps..

Do you remember
When we fell in love
We were young
And innocent then
Do you remember
How it all began
It just seemed like heaven
So why did it end?

Do you remember
Back in the fall
Wed be together
All day long
Do you remember
Us holding hands
In each others eyes
Wed stare
(tell me)

Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time
When we first met
Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time

Do you remember
How we used to talk
(ya know)
Wed stay on the phone
At night till dawn
Do you remember
All the things we said like
I love you so
Ill never let you go

Do you remember
Back in the spring
Every morning birds would sing
Do you remember
Those special times
Theyll just go on and on
In the back of my mind

Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time
When we first met girl
Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time

Those sweet memories
Will always be dear to me
And girl no matter what was said
I will never forget what we had
Now baby

Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time
When we first met
Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time

Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time
When we first met
Do you remember the time
When we fell in love
Do you remember the time

Remember the times
Remember the times
Do you remember girl
Remember the times
On the phone you and me
Remember the times
Till dawn, two or three
What about us girl

Remember the times
Do you. do you, do you,
Do you, do you
Remember the times
In the park, on the beach
Remember the times
You and me in spain
Remember the times
What about, what about...

Remember the times
Ooh... in the park
Remember the times
After dark..., do you, do you, do you
Remember the times
Do you, do you, do you, do you
Remember the times
Yeah yeah
Remember the times

i know what you're thinking.what kind of lover am I?already taken but still having a crush on someone else.if you open up your minds a little wider,i'm pretty sure you'll get it.admiring doesn't always mean having the desire to own.yes i do have a crush on drummerboy since i first met him,but my heart belongs to saiang <3

heart beats faster than his drums.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beyond Predictions

well as all of you had already known,i'm basicly a facebook junkie! all aspects of facebook seem to be the many plus points that attracts users to spen hours on the web and never get tired of of the interesting reasons is because of the almost accurate quizzes.

thiz quiz states that i'm a on picture to read more.

i took another quiz,well,not exactly a quiz,more of a generator known as Marriagebot just to see who among my friends has the potential to be my future spouse.and guess what the 'genius' little bratbot got me?

all five of them are TAKEN for god's sake! hahah..but yeah,it was amusing that i got the same result as rin for no man..hahah.ainnur commented,but i told her the robot was just crazy,lol.didn't want her to think i'm trying to steal her bf or smthing,midway scarlet bandmates are like siblings :)

but it doesnt stop there,that's not the only thing that shocked me today.guess what?the subjects i thought i was gonna fail which are addmaths,agama and chemistry,i actually obtained pretty awhsome marks!
addmaths: A2
chemistry: A2
agama : A1

huh??? ah well,i guess i'm lucky,alhamdulilah :D

and another thing i'm addicted to is Guitar Geek,i'm so hooked on it,i can play it all day!

it's a cool game guys,give it a shot!
that's it for now,have tonnes of homework to settle,till then,ta!

p/s: i still have MJN1 virus,so today i'm gonna dig for more hit tracks,woohoo~

strum till u're numb

Monday, July 27, 2009

Beat It

oh no! i think i'm having a high fever! no worries people,i haven't been out of the country nor have i mixed with potentially-H1N1-infected's another kind of fever called MJN1 (as in,Michael Jackson No1 Hits Addiction Syndrome).i'm literally going gaga over him for some reason to the extent where i can't stop searching for his videos on youtube.i think i have become a die hard fan of his,too bad he's gone too soon.

the first random song that popped into my head when i woke up this morning was his 1970s no1 hit : Don't Stop Til You Get made me sing the same tunes the whole day.during recess,the 'player' in my head played 'Will You Be There'.so again,i sang till my duty at the canteen was over,lol.kinda astonished the passers-by,but what do I care anyway? imagine if they were to be in my shoes,standing there doing nothing but stop the students from exiting at the entrance for half an hour.right now am listening to 'You Rock My World' in repeat mode.didn't know it was MJ's song,sounded like JT,somehow,no disrespect though.i <3 MJ

also,i'm taking another step forward to end the nonsense i have mentioned in my earlier posts.what nonsense? can you recall this:

yes..THAT in class,miss lynette asked us to write an essay on 'A Memorable Day'.she called abi up front to briefly describe a memorable day in her life.abi told her about the day she got straight As for pmr,and lynette wasn't pleased,lol.simply coz there wasn't gonna be much to write she decided to call someone so-called 'creative' up front.guess who the unlucky one is? ME..wht the hell~

so,well,considering i love my life,there are so many memorable days i could think of.choosing one would be so troublesome for me, my dang classmates yenn,double e,sarah and cucuwa were cheering:

"azee,that camp! azee talk about that camp! we know you want to!"
so of course,me being me, " what camp? i'm not talking about THAT"
"then talk about yesterday's install! *evil grin*" shouts yenn.

basicly i got a little pissed off,so i guess i ignored her and proceeded by talking about Camp Rock.didn't mention the part i met saiang,lol.

and my little heart to heart talk with shu wan squeezed out all the honesty juice out of me.aparently i came to a realisation: i am being an idiot.that's why i'm putting an end to all these.period.

ohh before i forget,got my marks surprising,i thought i'd fail my sejarah and addmaths,lol.guess that's all for today.gotta get back to the real world now..



I Rock My World.

That Pretentious Fool (for him)Complicated

Complicated - Avril Lavigne

Life's like this
Uh-huh, uh-huh
That's the way it is
'Cause life's like this
Uh-huh, uh-huh
That's the way it is

Chill out,
What you yellin' for?
Lay back, it's all been done before
And if you could only let it be
You will see

I like you the way you are
When we're, driving in my car
And you're talking to me
One on one
But you become

Somebody else
'Round everyone else
Watchin' your back
Like you can't relax
You're tryin' to be cool
You look like a fool
To me

Tell me

Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're
Acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated
Life's like this, you
And you fall and you crawl
And you break and you take
What you get and you turn it into
Honesty Promise me I'm never gonna find you fake it

No, no, no

You come over unannounced
Dressed up like you're something else
Where you are and
Where you sat, you see
You're making me
Laugh out
When you strike a pose
Take off all your preppy clothes
You know
You're not fooling anyone
When you become

Somebody else
'Round everyone else
Watchin' your back
Like you can't relax
Tryin' to be cool
You look like a fool
To me

Still Got The Blues

sigh..tomorrow's Monday,and that means:'s four more days till weekend :(
2.monday blues might affect our moods throughout the whole day
3.the last thing i need is getting my mood worse compared to what it already is now.

oh and i almost forgot,install was ok.shu wan n yenn did a great job emcee-ing the occasion.the performances were cool too.HSM drama team was superb,so were the other dance's highlight would be Willy's band,Traffic Light and Yuan Khoon's band who played 'New Divide'! damn they're awesome despite khoon's epic fail dead notes in between the power chords,lol.great job though.

apart from that..haiz..

this little scenario seems to have cast a spell on me,driving me has to stop,pronto! i really need a way to repel it at all causes.i can't bear with it much longer.ignorance is bliss but sometimes you have to utilize it to delete the bad side of things.

i'm not saying it's wrong to dream,but look at the big picture.when dreams go overboard,what are you left with?rootless anticipation,that's what it again.

new divide

Saturday, July 25, 2009

To Go or Not To Go

the ICSMC Installation is tomorrow,at my tickets early after endless persuasion by yenn.but the BIG Q is whether or not i shud go.considering the pros and cons,i almost gave up my ticket to someone else,yet..

look what double E did..

my oh my..haha..i'm so touched! so now it's like a sin to not go at all. wanna know another touching thing today?
apparently this photo was included in the 'Mixboy Stereoscopes' album in JD's myspace.LOL!

recognize it from anywhere?YES! you're such a's from the unusual visit of the studio.this was during lunch,which JD said he couldn't join but he did.the photo was captioned "Shuvitas @ KFC,TTDI" ..omfg SHUVITAS? hahaha..sounds like somekind of nacho brand,lol.

also,apart from all the excitement,there were two things that added a tiny shade of blue to the whole situation.

1.Rin's tete a tete (yes double e,got it from lynette,haha) with last,eventhough not much,i assisted her to ease her stress and confusion.glad to have helped sister :) i don't mind pausing my game coz of u.

2.the passing of Yasmin Ahmad.Innalillahiwainnalillahirajiun..gone too soon,yet another legend after MJ.may Allah bless you soul and have mercy on you.our prayers are always with you,thank you for the movies that touched our soul.may you rest in peace - al fatihah.

[edit] Films
Rabun (My Failing Eyesight) (2003)
Sepet (Chinese Eye) (2004)
Gubra (Anxiety) (2006)
Mukhsin (2007)
Muallaf (The Convert) (2008)
Talentime (2009)

[edit] Commercials
Yuzy (2000) Petronas Road Safety Campaign
Vas Dentures (2000) Celcom
Tan Hong Ming In Love (2007) Petronas Merdeka Day commercial
Family (2008) for the Singaporean Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
Funeral (2009) for the Singaporean Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

[edit] Awards and nominations
Malaysia Video Awards for Best Director (1999) - Forgiving Petronas commercial[8]
Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia's Golden Kancil Award for Best Advertising Agency (1999/2000)[9][10]
Malaysia Video Awards silver award for Best Scriptwriting (2000)Yuzy Petronas Road Safety Campaign
Malaysia Video Awards bronze award for Best Scriptwriting (2000)Vas Dentures Celcom
Malaysian Film Festival awards for Most Original Story and Best Film (2005) Sepet[11]
Malaysia Film Festival awards for Best Screenplay and Best Film (2006) Gubra[12]
Berlin International Film Festival Grand Prix award by the Kinderfilmfest International Jury and Generation K-Plus Crystal Bear Special Mention (2007) Mukhsin[13]

(source: Wikipedia)

hope is subjective.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chemistry Between Us? that's a brilliant way to start a potential longest entry in the world.hey guys! how's it going?i have been quite busy lately,haven't been blogging in a while now.but i'll try to list down the highlights during my we go~

last wednesday,we had this little electrolysis experiment to extract copper from the electrode.obviously we had to use hydrochloric acid to obtain the optimum result.the class was divided into two,the right hand side group will be using diluted acid while lefthand side (my unlucky group) had to use concentrated,being the most curious one,i took charge of handling the acid.guess what happened?apparently miss accident-prone wasn't careful enough,so she ended up splashing a pea-sized drop of acid on her right hand.i thought it was water! but after a few minutes,my skin started to corrode bit by hurts like a bee sting! well probably's not as bad as it sounds though,it's only a few small blisters.yet,the whole class of drama queens made it sound like a big deal.the news about the spilled acid spread throughout the whole class like wildfire.but oh well,on the brightside,at least i know they love that much,haha.

also,i got a text msg from drummerboy *which made me smile the whole day,hehehe*.it was a surprise since usually his text messages contain uninteresting questions like whether tuition is gonna happen or internet-related stuff.his text this time gave me a big surprise.when i say big,i mean like REALLY BIG.he asked whether i was really skilfull enough in guitar strumming.i said 'yeah,well a bit.not too good at single note licks,why?' ' are u sure?coz i'm thinking of inviting you to jam with my band,The Sesame'..guess what i said? "i'll see to it,i consider if it so happens that i'm free"'s a standard,old-fashioned play-hard-to-get method.apparently it worked,somehow.i got him to come to my house,he he he..KIDDING! it was actually his bandmates we had this little band meeting and they succeeded in persuading me to make them as my side project,here i the official rhythm guitarist for my side project band 'The Sesame'.one irony is that there are four guys,i'm the only girl.jam session will be held at Premiere Studio,opposite Econsave near my house..can't wait!

on friday,there was this show called SHOUT!Awards organized by 8tv.everything was spectacular,the heat,the atmosphere,the crowd the passion,i mean everything! but the results and finale performance were screwed up.ultimate shout award should have gone to Pop Shuvit,not Bunkface! but oh well,majority speaks so i can't do anything about it anyway.and i didn't think Sean kingston's presence was really necessary,i mean,not to be rude,just that,this award is meant to honor local talents,why not wrap it up with a local act performance instead? haiz..~

also,i'm pretty sure all of you have already known about the manchester united asian tour?during their stop in our humble yet high-spirited country of malaysia,our local team decided to have a friendly match with them.the outcome?surprisingly malaysia had improved a lot eventhough they lost to MU by the score of 2-3.second match was held a few days later since MU is cancelling their tour to indonesia for safety purposes.the 2nd match came up with 2-0,not bad right?face it,compared to 2001 which came up with 0-6,i guess both our defeats this year were more honourable as the players doubled,or maybe tripled up their effort.oh yeah,i guess i texted JD,asking him to send my regards to Owen,haha.apparently i got the dates mixed up.they were performing a day after shout awards, embarrassing XD

then of course,i gotta wait for another weekend to come till my next fun and exciting episode.

did i mention this week's exam week?let me summarise how I did and all my predicted marks.
Tuesday: PSK - wtf man seriously i didn't read AT gonna fail,haha
BM -not bad i guess..either a1 or a2 at the least.
MM - quite easy actually,expecting an a1 ;p

wednesday : English - like i said,my english never fails to make me smile on exam days.considering its level of easiness,haha..
Addmaths- expecting either and a1,a2 or b3.questions are ok.
Agama Islam - wowwy..i got the wrong info so i read the wrong chapters!
luckily,i have my 'archery in exam' skills so i kinda
crapped a couple of stuffs.
Sejarah - never been my strong subject anyway.questions were okay.not
expecting any higher than b3 or b4.

thursday ( today)
: EST - just like english,easy-peasy lemon fizzy,haha.
Physics - not bad.probably my graph is a little screwed,haha.
chemistry - OMFG! not a soul is gonna pass i tell u! i think the teachers nowadays are trying to kill their students! am soooooo gonna fail this subject..omg omg omg...
biology - i dun take high interest in how ruminants digest their food,so..haha.but i guess this test was ok.

overall,my results might be more screwed up compared to my bloody midterm results.oh well,i need to change my attitude.NO MORE PROCRASTINATIONS,NO MORE DISTRACTIONS. next year will be my spm year,it's between lif and death people! so,kampatik for me! hehe..

more updates to come..
-saturday's jam session with drummerboy's band The Sesame
-Interact installation on Sunday.

till then,this concludes the most potential longest entry in the world.i need my name to be engraved somewhere somehow,so that people have something o remember me by.hehe..


learning reptilia by the strokes.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sepak Takraw,PPSMI & More Randomness

hey peeps! i can't update my blog that frequently anymore so i guess i'll jumble everything up under one post.i'll try not to mix them all up too much.

so one of the highlights these pass two days is the game of Sepak takraw (in fact,my first one within my 16 yrs of life) during was F.U.N! although i sucked but we had quite a time! hope to improve my skills and have a friendly match with my butts someday.yeah sure it's a guys game,but face it's the era of equality and you can see female cops and even firefighters.there's absolutely nothing that men can do but women can't these days! :D so,shameless to say,I LOVE SEPAK TAKRAW! haha!
next week should be hockey,according to our teacher.can't wait! it's been awhile since we had our physical education class considering the teacher's seldom in to teach us.

next up is the highlight on this totally hot issue argued almost all the time at not only the parliaments,but also at schools and kopitiams themselves.everything surfaced because of the suggestion to abolish PPSMI (in case you're wondering,it means learning & teaching maths and science in english).this is due to the low grades achieved by those students in the rural areas.but people,can't you see the big picture here?have you ever thought a little deeper and open up your minds a little wider?it's a pointless thing to do, colleges,you'll be learning these subjects in english therefore don't you think it's best to have a stable foundation by starting out young?abolishing the current system and replacing it with longer english periods won't do us students any good.the purpose of PPSMI is not mainly to improve english,it actually aims to prepare us Malaysians for further development in the field of science and i guess,i've made my point.i'm pretty sure most of you are behind me.

and probably..sigh..i've ran out of words to say more.let time tell.i'm just an ordinary girl who yearns for a happy ending like everybody else.hope this little anticipation will come to an end soon's a major suffering people.

oh,and by the way..

take a closer look.i guess calling him 'cikgu' kinda changed a lot of things.he doesnt only ask me about my guitar-playing skills progress,but also..he's watching over me @.@ LOL! but i love him still.JD rocks! long-live Pop Shuvit! hehe..

so that's all for now folks.till then,toodles.

breaking the habit.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Will You Be There"

Hold Me
Like The River Jordan
And I Will Then Say To Thee
You Are My Friend

Carry Me
Like You Are My Brother
Love Me Like A Mother
Will You Be There?

Tell Me Will You Hold Me
When Wrong, Will You Skold Me
When Lost Will You Find Me?

But They Told Me
A Man Should Be Faithful
And Walk When Not Able
And Fight Till The End
But I'm Only Human

Everyone's Taking Control Of Me
Seems That The World's
Got A Role For Me
I'm So Confused
Will You Show To Me
You'll Be There For Me
And Care Enough To Bear Me

In Our Darkest Hour
In My Deepest Despair
Will You Still Care?
Will You Be There?
In My Trials
And My Tripulations
Through Our Doubts
And Frustrations
In My Violence
In My Turbulence
Through My Fear
And My Confessions
In My Anguish And My Pain
Through My Joy And My Sorrow
In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
I'll Never Let You Part
For You're Always In My Heart.


he brought tears to my eyes,of sorrow and of joy.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

no air

Sights and Sounds

it's been quite awhile since i last blogged haven't i?so i guess i shall make up all the missing parts of my life by doing this little summary.tonight was an ordinary always,my monday night routine would be dinner,a little tv,prayers and off to chemistry tuition.BUT,tonight was a little different.tonight,i had an epiphany.ok,don't have to sound too serious,haha.i was walking with lyla and rusy into our teacher's house,like how we usually do,but just then,i bumped into this creepy emo guy (although i don't really fear him).he stood behind me,being a gentleman by letting us pass before him.i turned behind to thank him,only to notice how his thin eyeliner-encircled eyes were sparkling with innocence and oh my,how i wish i hadn't turned to look at him.don't get me wrong,i didn't fall for him.there was just something about his eyes that made me's some sort of miracle.i've never heard him spoke to anyone,neither does he laugh or make fun of people.he's a nice guy and all,but of course,my heart still belongs to sayang :) just the fact that the miracle in his eyes.i wonder who will be the lucky princess to have stolen his heart.she'll be able to gaze into them as long as she wants,and never worry or doubt his faithfulness.lucky lucky i guess that wraps up the miraculous eye story.

moving on..did i mention that i was hooked on this sitcom called 'Stacked'? all over the cutesy main character,Gavin.he's an employee at a bookstore called Stacked,owned by Stewart Miller.notice how cute he is whenever he gets into mischieve? haha.he's a totally adorable guy although he's such a jinx when it comes to love.and here he is:

btw,his real name is Elon Gold,i did a little googling XD

also,i recall something about saying that i appreciate MJ more than ever upon getting the news of his passing.i'm still devastated,i can't accept the fact that he's gone.he's such a multitalented entertainer.he writes awesome songs,he has his own vocal identity and signature dance moves,and to top it all up,he loves kids! currently,i'm into this dance move from his vid 'Thriller'.it's awh-sum! you guys shouldve seen Jennifer Garner did the moves in the movie '13 going on 30'.think i'm gonna look for his album ultimate,irreplaceable superstar such as him will never dim despite the fact that he's gone forever.his music,his dances,all the things he had inspired us with,lives on...

watching 'Earth Song' video the other day on MTV's exclusive MJ's top 40 chart brought tears to my made me think,what have we mankind done to our mother earth?what happened to us?maybe we are the beasts,not the wild animals we have been hunting for,nor the natural disasters that destructed many lives and belongings.we.are.THE BEASTS.

alfatihah to Mikaeel Joseph Jackson Abdullah.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Love Beats Distance

i'm glad that things are back to normal.i guess my little 'letter' to him worked out after all.he realised what kind of situation he put us into and decided to make it up to,it's back to square one,the wonderful beginning once more.there's indeed no stronger bond than love :") ..

sayang,take my hands..
take my whole life too..
for i can't help falling in love with you.

holding faith with both hands.