Thursday, August 27, 2009


you guys are not gonna believe what happened to me this's practicly my first day of puasa this year since..well..hehe..girls should know.and my mom's phone alarm HAD to get so screwed up,i missed out on sahur! dang..imagine a day without a meal since 10pm last night.phew~ not that i'm complaining,i'm just glad i wasn't as weak as i thoughti would be.

but that's not the highlight here.
as we all know,rudy,my favourite drummer from my favourite band,Pop Shuvit,is skipping the band's roadtour in Japan to prepare for his wife's labor.and guess what,on 26th,yesterday,lil miss shuvit was born and here she is!

Eva Lestari bte Azlan Rudy..isn't she just adorable??conrats to rudy and intan kartini! next should be AJ and ehmm..JD,?? hehehe..

i heard a song from MJ called 'Childhood'.the lyrics and the video,not to mention the music,pretty much reminds me of the classical disney movies i used to love watching when i was helps me to understand MJ better,besides learning a valuable lesson never to deprive youth of their childhood.

i just noticed,his birthday is just days away! since everyone's doing a video tribute,guess i can do what i do best,write! i'm gonna write something in his honor,a fairytale-like short story of some sort.i'll think of something and post it up here.stay put! till then..i gotta get back to my procrastinated's gonna be a busy day tomorrow starting with the Independence Day choir rehearsal at the stadium.toodles peeps..

love me before you judge me.