Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Ever-changing Life

hey,it seems like ages since i've updated anything on this blog.surely in that particular timeline my life had gone through many changes.who would ever thought that facebook could change my life forever?since i signed up for an account there,i've known many wonderful new friends.many thanks to the creator of the web for the brilliant idea,also,many thanks to my favourite band,Estranged,for their awesome music that united us fans as one.miraculously,i've found 4 new friends (and/or big sisters) rin-drummer for my band midway scarlet,kak abby,kak halie and kak nina nur faliena.if u guys have read my band's blog (in case you haven't,the link is ) we have had our very first meet up at One was such a blast.'twas just a fine day dated 15th november where my best weekend ever began with an enjoyable lunch feast with my big sisters,kak cita and kak logn at nando's.nice food,nice atmosphere,nice conversation too.such beaufitul people,but too bad they were too shy to join in my band meeting at 4pm.the first to arrive were kak halie and was really freaky since i didn't really recognize them at first considering their pictures on facebook were not really helpful.moments after,shafiq appeared-more obvious than usual.he wore a hoodie and carried a huge accoustic guitar.that guy's really into his job as my rhythm guitarist,haha.and the meeting begins..they had their meal,big sis jijie appeared (wow..can't believe i'm finally meeting after 3 years!!)and all of us moved on to an empty stairway to get to business.we worked reaaally hard to find chords to our song,7 Days,but to no avail.we gave up a few minutes later and started jamming cover songs from other course,rin didn't get to jam since there were no drum sets there..although,those railings would make good beating sounds,,we took some band shots.this was the fun part.if it meant taking pics of ourselves,we could even beat the winners of ANTM,but when it comes to group photos,i think the Statue of Liberty is more of a poser in comparison to the three of us,hahaha..jijie had a really hard time getting shots of us as a group,until after awhile,it made her say "ok guys..this is the final shot,no matter how it looks,we gotta move on to Central Park Avenue,gig's almost starting..".shucks..luckily the nice shot was awesome.u guys can check that out on our myspace page.we walked as fast as we that particular moment,we thought we had missed estranged's perofrmace!on our way,me n shafiq decided to look for his cousin,we went separate ways,jijie and the rest headed straight to book spots for us,while me and shafiq went else where.well what do you know,we bumped into din and rich! it was funny,i didn't know they were heading to the toilet,only to realise that i looked like a total stalker following them around,haha.shafiq took the opportunity to 'go' as well,meanwhile,din was outside.he groped around shafiq's guitar,haha..jijie was so freaking jealous that shafiq's guitar had gotten din's blessings all over it!and rich,he remembered me!i was like,"hey,ur still taller than me!" and he replied,"yeah i know,you haven't grown" much for the compliment XD anther funny thing is,to this day,din still thinks that jijie is my big sis.when he saw me he said "hey,kakak u dah cari u tau tadi"..hahaha. after the short chat and a picture,we went straight back to the stage.the fly fm gig was a bit screwed up if u ask me,probably because of the emcee?and considering the fact that we sat on either side of the stage where the view is just average although i think the audio was radical! right after estranged's performance,we broke into the backstage

Monday, November 3, 2008

That Wonderful Night's me again as always.there's not much to tell simply because words are too simple to decribe how i feel tonight.well,tonight,besides the first conference i've had with about one third of Midway Scarlet (Me,Rin and Raja),it's also the night before Rafiq'a birthday (fyi,rafiq is the guy whom I've been sms-ing all these i've became quite clsoe to him.)i mms-ed him a shot from mika's dvd (the one with balloons) and attached a recording from the song 'happy birthday' by click was really sweet of him to call me just for the sake of saying thank you.i got nervous,he did too,and we didn't talk that much.our conversation only lasted a few minutes.his voice was rough,but i got over it considering how sweet he,that's bout it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

camp rock; living the dream camp @ KLPAC

hi guys! i'm back!
phew..pmr is finally over and after a month of 'leave' form the Net,i am now back on the,how is everybody doing? :)
well anyways,while i was away,i've been a very loyal follower of Hitz FM.that radio station had been such an awesome companion in my time of favourite slot is Hitz Party with Ean.ok,so what's the deal with this radio?i'll just cut to the chase,i heard an advertisement about camp rock: living the dream camp held by hitz fm in conjunction with the disney first it made me think,ah this is just another one of those crappy programmes aimed to the DCOM Addicts (disney channel original movie addicts mind you,for example the fanatics of HSM).but time after time,my heart keeps on telling me to check it out on the Hitz web,so that's what i did.immediately,i was interested to join in.according to the site,this Malaysian version of Camp Rock is all about a one-day camp of performing arts,where the teachers and instructors are those of the experienced ones in the music industry.on the next day,i tried phoning Hitz FM during Ean's slot to showcase my musical talent(which was songwriting) but i wasn't really that fortunate.when Ean came across an accident,JFK replaced him temporarily for Hitz Party.This guy is tougher,most of them who got through the line wasn't 'worthy' enough to receive an exclusive ticket to the camp.i almost gave up when it came to the last day of the contest.however,my last hope was sending an application online.i submitted my lyrics to the song 'All I Need Is You'.
A week later,disney channel phoned me,informing me that i was accepted into the camp.i wasn't really excited as i thought it was just another one of JJ and Rudy's Gotcha my surprise,i actually DID receive a letter from disney channel,along with the exclusive ticket,a parental and waiver consent form along with the map to the location of the camp! it wasn't a joke after all! i was nothing but overly energetic the day i received the letter (although pmr was just days away).i prepared for pmr,and at 11pm,i'll start practising the song 'This Is Me',just in case we had to sing that later on.
On the day of the camp,-18th oct 08-,i woke up early at about 5.30am.i couldn't really sleep the night before because of all the about 6am,my brother-in-law,my mom and I departed to astro office at bukit jalil.upon arrival,parents/legal guardian were required to report their child to the facilitators there before grabbing a sandwich(which i didn't take,because of the eggs in it,hehe),a juice box and an energy bar while waiting for the bus to arrive.we met que haidar,who was a legal guardian of qalif khan,cikgu linda jasmine's the rumors about their affair WAS true! hehe.i sat with daniel,this totally awesome 10-year-old with more talent in proportion to his miniature size.we were then divided into 2 groups,25 of us were on air participants,and the rest were online winners like myself.we rode in two different buses.
The trip to KLPAC took 45minutes.we played games in the bus along with the facilitators just to kill the time.i pitied qalif a lot,he was just too adorable to say anything.when we played the acronym game (making up sentences by using letters in a word as initials..e.g: c.a.m.p-cat attacked my pig..haha),everyone went 'aaaaww' whenever qalif says something.he ends up closing his face and remained silent.awwww..hehe.
upon our arrival,we met ean and natalie.oh,and jakeman as well.the place was nice,kinda like a dance floor with mirrors all felt like being in AF for one day.
the first session was songwriting 101.cikgu JD (i love him!! hehe) and cikgu uno from pop shuvit were our celebrity teachers.they taught us that songwriting could be either random or could be about anything we feel like writing about,and the genre has to fit our an example,they asked us for a topic to write on.Ean told them to write on breakfast,haha.this is the funny part (i'll upload a video of it later).although the song 'Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day' was kind of crappy,the melody was surprisingly brilliant! haha.i loved it, a lot.our expert instructors,by the way,were nur fatima and the legendary audi mok.they told us that songwriting is not really as complicated as it looks.melodies can come at any times,when it does,we have to make sure that we have a voice recorder (a handphone at least) so that we wouldn't forget that requires creativity and guts as well.(it wasn't really audi mok's moment though,he couldn't get a brilliant melody at that particular moment for demonstration).he was really nice enough to ask me to email him anytime i want him to listen or read the stuff i wrote for complimentary expert advice.such a nice,friendly guy :) afterwards,four of the campers were chosen to present the song their wrote on stage (they were desiree,shika,yang jiew and amanda..four of them eventually joined my syok sendiri gang along with ian tan,haha).they did an awesome job,especially desiree who wrote a song called 'i love you' for her crush in college.yang jiew,who assumed himself as someone who is anti-social,was too shy to sing although his lyrics were brilliant.JD was nice enough to help him out,hehehe.
the second session was fun too,it was singing 101 with cikgu suki and cikgu maziah selamat. cikgu suki started off by telling the story of her journey from zero to hero,and singing two songs 'Siapaku' (the malay version of 'This Is Me') and 'Usah'.fantastic voice cikgu! the expert for this slot was cikgu maziah.she taught us some basic warm-ups (hissing and bubbling).next,we were required to pair up in duets and perform
'This Is Me' for 45seconds.i paired up with desiree and was numbered group first,we were out of ideas in how to present the song.none of us had any,and the big problem is none of us can reach the high note in the would sound really weird if the both of us sang with our head voices.luckily,desiree and i came up with this idea of harmonizing our voices.we thought of parts,and tried to blend them in.we practised,and supported the other teams.that was how the syok sendiri gang (consisting me,desiree,ian,yang jiew,shika and amanda) was formed.we were called 'the fan base of everyone' since we were absolutely supportive to everyone when they sang,haha.crazy times.when it came to our turn,i made a sign language to natalie,saying that the both of us were nervous.she then reacted by saying 'oh..i don't think that's possible,i saw you guys practising hard back there..good luck,break a leg!'
ian was right,we did gain energy from eachother as soon as we felt the song in our hearts.before we knew it,it was the end of our performance.after everyone had finished performing 'This Is Me',it was up to the judges now.third place went to a group of two girls,desiree and me lost hope by then.we thought,probably the time was too short for the both of us to practise and it's impossible that we could ever win the second of first prize now.the second one goes to a boy-girl duet team,and we expected the first play to be raja and yuszen's (the boys who beat-boxed instead of singing to the minus one of the song).group 14 was announced as the was weird when we saw no one stood up to accept the prize.silly us,that was OUR TEAM! unbelievably me and desiree won! we had to go up the stage and received a webcam each from cikgu maziah.this camp just keeps on getting better!
during the lunchbreak (western food,yummy....),all of us decided to pose on stage-that explains the syok sendiri gang,hahaha.ian,who was disappointed that he didn't get a chance to perform his song during songwriting 101,decided to bring his guitar with him and showed off his stuff at the lunch hall.he's got talent! he sang a song he wrote and a song from one of my favourite bands 'The Script' entitled "the man who can't be moved'.he caught everyone's attention! he was awesome.
up next was showmanship 101 with cikgu moots and cikgu linda jasmine.cikgu moots told us the do's and dont's on stage (Ean was his prop,haha).and cikgu linda jasmine told us all about perfoming on stage.we were then divided once again into two groups,one group on the left and the other on the right.we were asked to cross the dance floor to the rhythm of 'we rock',freestyle.there were prizes for this too.ian was one of the best,haha.
the final slot was dancing 101 with alam from the reality show 'so you think you can dance maalysia' and cikgu linda jasmine again.the warm-ups was crazy,and the steps are was fun though,although i sucked! haha.more prizes were given to the best dancers (i wasn't one of them,haha).
every great day has to set somehow.the day ended well.we had tea at the lunch hall before returning to bukit jalil.i said good bye to all the celebrity teachers and received a hug each from ean and natalie.on our way back,we played more games like guessing songs,and exchanged contact details with everyone.i even discovered a rhythm guitarist for Midway scarlet! his name is raja shafiq.
the day went well.i hope there's gonna be more camps such as this,for the sake of developing funky,fresh performers and writers to add more varieties in art to the industry.i love camp rock! thank you hitz fm and disney!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

just to past the time


Single or Taken: Taken,then single,then taken..currently ignorant..
Siblings: 1 big sis and 2 big bros,the rest are my wonderful adopted family.
Eye color: dark hazel
Shoe size: 5
Height: 153.5 cm
What are you wearing right now?: A short and a suit,hehe.

Kind of pants: military pants
Number: 1,numero uno rocks!
Animal: Cats
Drink (non alcoholic): Sprite remix rocks!
Drink (alcoholic): I don't drink.I'm a muslim you dodo head! :P
Sport: i don't do sports,haha.i guess swimming is ok.
Month: February,the month of le amor :)
Juice: apple juice
Favorite cartoon/anime character: Spongebob Squarepants

Have You Ever...
Given anyone a bath: does my pet turtle count?
Bungee Jumped?: Just once..never will anymore..
Made yourself throw-up?: are you crazy?
Gone skinny dipping?: what the?
Eaten a dog?: hot dogs yeah,haha.
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: yes..breaking up has never been less painful.
Broken a bone?: No,i wouldn't.
Played truth or dare?: Yes.
Been on a plane?: Yes..duhh..
Came close to dying?: thrice in fact..
Been in a sauna?: No
Been in a hotub?: No
Fallen asleep in school?: during history?yeah..haha
Broken someone's heart?: Yeah..sorry dude,but ur a spaz!
Cried when someone died?: Yes.. my granddad and my uncle
Cried in school?: Yes, when i fought with my besties.
Fell off your chair?: Yeah..(shhh)
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call?: i'm not that obsessed,fortunately.
Saved IM conversations?: Yeah, important ones only,like the ones from rockstars or my crush.
Saved e-mails?: Yes
Used someone?: do the judging.
Been cheated on?: Yes..hate it when that happens.

What is...
Your good luck charm? my Y-shaped diamond locket attached to a silver necklace.
New favorite song?: Yang Pernah by Estarnged
What is beside you?: my KHB book,danr..i've to study.
Last thing you ate?: rock melon and my sister's Good Luck cupcake.
What kind of shampoo/conditioner: Body Shop Organic Ginger hair product.

Ever Had…
Chicken pox: Yes,when i was in sidney,and no one noticed..hehe
Sore Throat: Yes
Stitches: No
Broken nose: No

Do You...
Believe in love at first sight?: Yeah,happens to me all the time.
Like school?: think so,otherwise i've nothing to live for.
Who was the last person that called you?: dun remember.
Who was the last person you slow danced with?: i dun dance :P
Who makes you smile the most?: My friends
Who knows you the best?: My mom
Do you like filling these out: Yes, at least it's kinda fun.
Do you have glasses or contact lenses? none..
Do you like yourself: sometimes i don't.
Do you get along with your family?: Yes,with all my siblings and my mom.

Are You...
Obsessive Compulsive?: all the time

Final Questions:
What did you do yesterday?: gone to school,internet,doing music demo for din..(still working on it)
What car/truck do you wish to have?: red ferrari!
Where do you want to get married?: Somewhere in the forest,like maya karin.
Good driver?: i drive people nuts,you can say i'm a good driver.
Have a lava lamp?: No. would love to have one.
How many remote controls are in your house?: countless!
When you last showered?: not yet,will do it now,haha.
Scary or Funny Movies?: both,but i prefer comedy.
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Vanilla
Rootbeer or Dr.Pepper?: rootbeer.isn't it dr fizzy? lol.
Skiing or Boarding?: surfing?
Summer or winter?: Winter
Silver or Gold?: Silver
Diamond or pearl?: diamond
Sprite or 7up?: sprite
Coffee or sweet tea?: coffee..
Phone or in person?: In's better and more memorable.
Are you oldest, middle or youngest?: Youngest

Today did you...
Talk to some one you like: Yeah. my adopted big sisters.
Buy something: nope.
Get sick?: no
Talked to an ex?: err..just saw him..
Miss someone?: Yeah.. my ex? haha.that special someone.

Last person who....
Slept in your bed?: My mom.
Saw/heard you cry?: my besties.
Made you cry?: them.
Went to the movie with? with nadia in KL.
Ever been in a fight with your pet?: no.
Been to Mexico?: No
Been to Canada?: No
Been to Europe?: no.

Do you have a crush on someone right now?: yes!! two of them,and both are hell of a good guitarist.
What book are you reading now?: book?refferrance books duhh..exam's coming.
Best feeling in the world?: Blissfulness.
Future KIDS names?: Airil Iskandar,Airin Ilyana
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: yes,spongebob!
What's under your bed?: my CDs
Favorite sports to watch?: swimming.
Favorite Locations?: in front of the pc,and the curve.
Piercing/Tattoos?: none..but hui yenn does a lot of fake tatoos,they're brill!
What are you most scared of right now?: PMR! and God.
Who do you really hate?: I dun hate people coz i'm hated enough.
Do you have a job?: I'm a
Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with?: numerous times.
Are you lonely right now?: No.
Song that's stuck in your head right now?: Love song by sarah bareilles.
Have you ever played strip poker?: no.
Have you ever been beaten up?: by my brothers,haha.
Have you ever been on radio/TV?: yes!! with the estranged!
Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you?: amal,amal,amal..

What color is your underwear right now?: perverted retard!
What’s the first things you notice about the opposite sex?: looks and maturity in attitude.
Your Favorite Food?: laksa johor.
Ever got so drunk you didn’t remember the night before?: i'm muslim,duhhhhh.
Hair color?: apparently black.
Are you too shy to ask someone out?: friends,no.crush,yes.
Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn?: Butter
Dogs or cats?: cats
Favorite Flower?: white roses,they appeal to me.
Have you ever fired a gun?: does a fake water gun count?haha.
Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car?: planes make me sick..
How many pillows do you sleep with?: 3 i guess..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tips From The Pro the search for members didn't really go well.and i've gotten no respond so far.whatever it is,here's some spirit-lifter for myself-a few tips from the pro:

*You have to know an artiste.Analyze his/her personality,and write a song based on it.Only then will you be able to give 'life' to the song-Audi Mok

*Sing selalu.Get yourself a proper voice recorder,or at least an affordable one and record your ideas before they flutter away- Aidit Alfian

*It's never too late to learn,I myself first held the guitar when I was 15.You have to know what music is before you write any- Enha Estranged

*I agree,rock is pretty complex.I started off with r&b and rap,but I eventually digged in Nirvana and became a rocker.It takes time,but you'll work it out.Excellent attempt,keep it up.- Din Hormatov Estranged

*Lirik ni tak boleh terlalu puitis,tak boleh terlalu direct.Just nice..Barulah sedap didengar..-Sulu Sarawak.

there you go,my determination to write a perfect song.i've had conversations with all the famous people stated above,and all the quotes are the ones said to me,pc to face,haha.

will try getting more in the the mean time,shall be working on my demo now.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Project 93 part 2

Hi guys,it's me again.just taking this few minutes to announce that 'Project 93' will be needing a band of talented musicians comprising of a guitarist,bassist,drummer,keyboardist,vocalist,percussionist or whatever the band can get.Members MUST be able to do the following:
-play at least one musical instrument,either technically or by ear (preferably technical)
-willing to work as a team
-willing to give out ideas actively
-committed to the band
-willing to be bossed around by the composer (ok,i'm kidding with this one :P)
-loves all kinds of music despite the genre

Bonus point are as follows:
-good public relation skills
-talented in song lyric writing
-good fashion sense (haha..not necessarily..just messing with you guys)

If you think you've got what it takes,leave me a message or comment this post with your personal details (your a/s/l,your talent,your bonus points) and the mandatory statement of 'why do you want to be in the band'? Please be reminded that this is NOT only a rock band,this is a band of musicians for the composition of songs.'Project 93' will only turn into a band with the agreement of all band members.

Demos will be uploaded soon.Keep a look out for it in one of the upcoming posts.

catcha later toots..


Friday, August 15, 2008

Paper Scripts and Illusions

hi toots,haha.
gosh,am I relieved or what?simply because i'm half-free from exams,well,for the timing.still,I still have worries over the second biggest exam in my life,my PMR.not only am I aiming for straight A's,I'm also aiming to get strong A's for it,considering the questions are assumed to be easier than my school's.ah well,assumptions assumptions.people tend to assume a lot of things,but hardly any of them are true.yet,I've to balance up my level of inferiority and confidence.
that way,i'll be the best (although I've never thought of beating the rest).gotta start cracking form now on.Setting my goal,my dart target board has love on its outermost circle,music on its second,straight A's for the exams on the third and the bull's eye,taking up a computer engineering course in Michigan under a sponsorship from some company who yields to help young Malaysians achieve their ambitions (where have i heard this before again?lol..).that's about it.gonna start the 'archery' practice now.

Leanna,signing out.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Project 93!

hey guys,whatsup?
it's me,writing my first ever post in this new blog.just as an info,everything posted in this blog will be regarding my musical journey to the top,including all my hopes and a pioneer to it all,i have just downloaded a totally awesome software from Sony,Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 3.0.this newly-discovered software allows one to create music just as the professionals.But here's the catch,music loops have to be hunted online.The more music loops one is able to find,the better the music will sound.The software not only acts as a 'sewing machine' for bits of music,but u can also adjust the pitch whether you want it to be high or low.One loop can make about 50 songs of different genres if we're skillful enough.I have yet to discover more features of it.
In the mean time,I'm in the midst of forming a virtual band called 'Project 93'.This band will not only do rock songs,but many other genres,supposing to be a versatile band.
ah well,that's it.will be looking forward for the upcoming trial exam (not that i have a thing for exams,just the fact that they give me something to live for,haha)..

-signing out.