Friday, August 15, 2008

Paper Scripts and Illusions

hi toots,haha.
gosh,am I relieved or what?simply because i'm half-free from exams,well,for the timing.still,I still have worries over the second biggest exam in my life,my PMR.not only am I aiming for straight A's,I'm also aiming to get strong A's for it,considering the questions are assumed to be easier than my school's.ah well,assumptions assumptions.people tend to assume a lot of things,but hardly any of them are true.yet,I've to balance up my level of inferiority and confidence.
that way,i'll be the best (although I've never thought of beating the rest).gotta start cracking form now on.Setting my goal,my dart target board has love on its outermost circle,music on its second,straight A's for the exams on the third and the bull's eye,taking up a computer engineering course in Michigan under a sponsorship from some company who yields to help young Malaysians achieve their ambitions (where have i heard this before again?lol..).that's about it.gonna start the 'archery' practice now.

Leanna,signing out.

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