Saturday, August 9, 2008

Project 93!

hey guys,whatsup?
it's me,writing my first ever post in this new blog.just as an info,everything posted in this blog will be regarding my musical journey to the top,including all my hopes and a pioneer to it all,i have just downloaded a totally awesome software from Sony,Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 3.0.this newly-discovered software allows one to create music just as the professionals.But here's the catch,music loops have to be hunted online.The more music loops one is able to find,the better the music will sound.The software not only acts as a 'sewing machine' for bits of music,but u can also adjust the pitch whether you want it to be high or low.One loop can make about 50 songs of different genres if we're skillful enough.I have yet to discover more features of it.
In the mean time,I'm in the midst of forming a virtual band called 'Project 93'.This band will not only do rock songs,but many other genres,supposing to be a versatile band.
ah well,that's it.will be looking forward for the upcoming trial exam (not that i have a thing for exams,just the fact that they give me something to live for,haha)..

-signing out.

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