Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Proud To Be A Leftie

hey it's 0000,13th aug 2009! do u know what that means?today's the first ever WORLD LEFTHANDER'S DAY! so happy lefthander's day to all lefties! the best part is,i answered this Q&A by voize f and won myself a 2-day-1-nite stay at tunes hotel penang! this was my speech:

Hi everyone especially all those lefties out there! glad to have been born as one of the minority in this world.we lefties are special as we are and we are proud to have been gifted this way.may all the lefties out there spread their talents and make the world a better place despite being outnumbered.together,we stand as one.long live lefties! because we are special just like that.


a) which leg would you kick a ball or which hand do you use a racket?
b) can you write with both hands?
c) Which hand do you use to open a can with a can-opener or which hand do you use a scissor?
d) If you play the guitar, which hand do you use to strum the guitar? Left or right? or both?

a)i kick balls with both legs but i use a racket with my right hand.
b)nope,i write and draw with my left hand.
c) right.but i stir things with my left hand.
d) yes i play the guitar.i strum with my right hand though.

i got so tensed up today but thanks to jijie,i let it all,am happy now! :D

here's what u need to understand me as much as jijie does:



Friendships Affection



Lack of Romance
Time Limits

At work you have a strong desire to influence others so they may lead more significant lives. You often work in the arts, communication, education, and helping professions. You are adept at motivating and interacting with others

In love you seek harmonious relationships. You are a true romantic and believe in perfect love that lasts forever. You bring drama, warmth, and empathy to relationships. You enjoy sysmbols of romance such as flowers, candlelight, and musci an cherish the small gestures of love.

In childhood you were extremely imaginative and found it difficult to fit into the structure of school life. You reacted with great sensitivity to discordance or rejection and sought recognition. You responded to encouragement

that's all for now..ta!

p/s: watched dragonball evolution and moonwalker today.dang~
justin chatwin was goku,and despite the fact that he was white,he's effing steaming!!! dang~

and i didn't say MJ wasnt..XD

here's one of my fav scenes from Moonwalker.'BADDER',a somewhat parody of 'BAD'.see the mini MJ ,haha..

normal is overrated,so is depression.

3..2..1...Next Stop, JAPAN!

is this love? dang i can't get my mind off that Japan trip.i stumbled upon a few pictures from last year's homestay in Japan owned by some dude named Doug,i envy him in so many ways.i think i'm in love,not with him,but with the country.the only scene that keeps appearing on my mind is the scene of a street lined with blooming sakuras.

i'm just one step away from getting to Japan.crossing my fingers now,3 days to go till the winner is announced.sigh~ ..competitions are close.wonder if my picture is good enough,tsk tsk..

hoping for inspiration if i were ever to get there.fresh japanese atmosphere should do thee trick.mind's haywire lately,i need a vacation and fast.

thinking of sushi,original ones.