Sunday, January 31, 2010


this is another overdue blog post that i have been meaning to share with all of you but because of the suckish internet connection and of course,my extremely tight schedule,my early plans will usually fall apart.i'm just glad right now,at this hour,my eyes can still bear it and the line is not as congested as during peak hours.
as you all may or may not have known,i went to this music exhibition the other day at Petrosains.the exhibition is more to physics than music,nevertheless,when music is connected to science,it will surely attract me.the first and most basic theory of it all is the sound wave theory.sound is transmitted via movement of particles that form longitudinal waves.the speed of sound depends on the arrangement of particles in a medium,be it compact or this case,the demonstration was done by using simple door knobs slammed to different types of surfaces(limestone,sandstone,rock) and the result?the indicated speed will be shown on a digital machinery.

moving on,there are other complex theories as well.the theory of adaptation,origin of music and turns out that my favourite song by P.diddy entitled 'I'll Be Missing You' is an adaptation of an older song from a band called Police back in the 80s.speaking of time,there were two similar exhibits: development of music starting from the imitating of natural sounds to alternative music and the development of recording materials,i.e from gramophones to has gone through a lot of revolutionary changes as human kind matures.i also got a chance to test my musicality: my perfect pitch,my musical pattern turns out only one out of a 1000 people have perfect pitch,and sadly i'm not one of my score was 8/10,which means i have an average tempo and perfect musical pattern differentiation abilities.not to mention,the exhibit that proves how much a music can influence one's emotions in a particular situation is also fascinating.some of the rest of the exhibitions that attracted me are the never-ending piano(in which the tune we play seem to keep ascending and will never end as we go around it) and the turntable simulation.

the never-ending piano

the turntable simulation.

Songs Around the Globe.

so i guess that just about wraps up my awesome trip to MUZIKA! till then,may music connect us all despite language,nation or other inevitable yet irrelevant barriers among us all.

music's my soul.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thinking Beyond Infinity

hi peeps! i have had some really random overdue thoughts lately that i've intended to share with all of you but i can't,considering all things i have to settle,not forgetting my vow to not go online on this just leaves me with 2 mingy days to blog and update all of has been hectic and so far,2010 has served me really well.i just came back from Syira's sister's wedding.we all had a blast and the doorgift is simply wonderful! but what i'm trying to focus on here is not about the wedding OR the scrumptous dessert.instead,our hopes and dreams.i know,i'll be turning 17 in less than a month and that means i only have one year to be dependent before i fly on my own,making my own decisions and obeying my own rules as i go.also,i know how much i wanted to be an adult back when i was 15.i used to whine about being underage etc,but now that i'm clos eto being what i've been always dreaming about,i'm slightly worried about my future.some of my plans do fall apart back in the old days,but no one can actually predict what might happen in the new future.however,things will never happen unless it is,what i'm going to do after SPM is get myself a driving license,get a part-time job at the curve,use the money to fund jam sessions and recording sessions for my band and of course,college will be my next step once the results are does sound smooth,but things can always turn the other way around and life has never been smooth for anyone.this is exactly why i will be thinking of plan B,which i will inform you of once i've gotten my mind into plan A,in my opinion,is pure gold and as solid as can be.i wonder what will it take for me to come up with another backup band,my future,my hopes and dreams,are all messed up lately.all i need is support from everyone around me and things should be okay.once again,i do hope i won't end up disappointing myself anyway,about my 17th birthday,i'll give all of you a very crystal-clear wishlist so that (hahaha....) you guys won't end up giving me something that will become another 'resident un der my bed'.:

-This Is It DVD
-Mj's Thriller 25th Anniversary
-a new guitar pick ;p
-a metronome (I NEED ONE!)
-MJ's opus :P
-Mika's The Boy Who Knew Too Much (deluxe version)
-Mika's PDP DVD

there you go. XD good luck hunting for them! (if you love me)
ok,it was a joke.of course i appreciate anything y'all give to me as long as it comes form your heart. :)

that's all i guess.till next time.i'll be blogging about an overdue event: MUSIKA Exhibition in petrosains later with pics! toodles.

shooting the stars with a giant slingshot.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Life as A Damansarian

generally,there's nothing much to blog about since my life here is el perfecto! except a few incidences occurring throughout the week,mainly the minor flaws that add a touch of somewhat flavour to the perfection.i've noticed that i've gone through a lot along my 17 years of life,my age may be young,but my experience is way beyond any other 17-year-olds (as far as i know).not saying i'm matured in any way,because honestly i'm not!looks can be deceiving,never trust your eyes.ok,cutting to the chase,Monday was pretty awkward for me,why?simply because usually back in convent,we used to sing the JOHOREAN state anthem,but last monday we had to sing the SELANGOR state anthem.i didn't have a clue and it was a major irony since i was born in selangor.also,there are other highlights of the week as well.Hazeem is finally showing his true colours! gosh,i thought he was just some nerd,but i was proven wrong when he finally talked to me,not that it's a big deal or anything.he was asking about how many hot girls back in convent were in my friendship circle. == that was pointless really,i should've asked him what's in it for me if I hooked him up?haha.sports was indeed pointless too,we had to practically walk/jog/stroll for 2.5km TWICE! it's for the sake of preparing ourselves for the upcoming walkathon,i never liked sports anyway.not forgetting,i have a new drummerboy now,who basically lives next door.he's pretty cute,but i'm guessing he might be one or two years older than usual,i never really plan my weekends properly since i'm not much of a social butterfly.i may have many friends but i don't go out that often,which explains why going out with Kak Abby to Sari Ratu yesterday was such a big deal to my mom.i don't really blame her,in fact,it is my exam's my new year resolution to reduce my outings and all the fooling around just to focus more on the most important exam in my life this year, was fun meeting kak abby for 1hour plus,we had a lot to catch up and the brief chat was certainly not enough.i'm planning to meet the whole gang on my 17th birthday but it's not been confirmed yet.i'm not expecting another sweet 16 celebration like last year.after all,nothing is sweet about being 17 (except the fact that i have one more year left to leave the underage world,mwuh ha ha ha!!).what i'm worried of now,after SPM of course,is my band's target.if all of you have read our blog,we aimed to have our first single airplay in 2011,that was when we thought all the members would actually stick with the band.the problem now is,everyone's having their own problems.shafiq with his finances and a couple of other personal issues,rin with her work,desiree with her time constraint and transportation problems and worst of all,we don't even have a lead or bassist yet.i've been asking around but to no was a slight relief that many had suggested that i record an accoustic track with shafiq first before the band goes live or's a good idea.however,the negative side of this situation is the fact that sometimes i feel discouraged by my friends.they used to support me all the way and now they're backing up just like that?it's very much disappointing to know that even your friends don't believe in your talent and passion.i'm just glad that a few friends(although minority) is actually telling me to go for it,my family's beginning to understand part of it is that my mentor is supporting me all the way,as how i had been supporting him since i was a's not the matter of getting even or repaying anyone in any way,it's just a sincere internship kind of connection,like a mentor and protege',like a jedi master teaching a jedi warrior-to-be.this is exactly what i meant:

i'm glad i have him as my mentor,very concern and doesn't let me down or tries to create my downfall.he told me to believe in myself and keep paving my way to infinity.there's no doubt,he's an excellent mentor :) i won't stop for anything.i'll make him proud someday,all of you just wait and see.and of course,last but not least,to someone who indirectly demotivated me,success is made up of only 1%..i repeat ONE PERCENT of inspiration and 99% of doesn't mean that if you're not born as a music prodigy,you'll never become a musician ever even if you work hard towards other words,you don't have to be a miracle baby or Mozart to be a musician,be it part-time or full-time.please stop discouraging me or just keep your oppinions to yourself.thank you.happy monday to all and thanks for reading!

a prodigy can be trained.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Back!

haha..just because i love this blog so much! my new blog will stay but i had to change the layout,and plus,i have more subscribers for this blog rather than the new one,so let me satisfy my followers here first before i move on.the first week of school was ok,everyone's being nice to me and things went well until the textbook issue came up.the teacher wanted to delay my receiving of the textbooks(since it's compulsory to borrow from the new school).there was a major miscommunication between my old and new school,i ended up arguing with the SPBT teacher and eventually buying my own textbooks! probably the teacher was a little stunned,she immediately gave us the textbooks much much earlier than planned.oh cool..JUST told me AFTER i bought them,smooth move really.maybe she was afraid i might report her to the authorities for denying my rights as a student! what i'm mostly mad of in this issue is the fact that she doesn't consider me as a new student at all! i felt a little rejected but it got away knowing that my new friends are there to support me,or rather,accept me as a part of their gang.that's good enough.i can't expect much of this new life of mine.i guess that's about it.not much to talk about,simply because my life here is near to perfect,except for my resolutions of course.that's all for now.hope to see all of you soon,.

missing you