Monday, June 27, 2011

'Tudung' (head scarf) vs 'Free-hair'

i am suddenly inspired to blog about this due to a certain controversial status update regarding this issue : Tudung vs Free-hair,which indirectly brings about the issue of faith vs mentality/so-called 'modernization through trends'.the statement maker has mentioned preference for (Muslim) girls who expose their hair rather than those who cover up,with the excuse that those girls who 'free their hair' are true to made me go 'HUH?',and i'm pretty sure many others were shocked with this revelation.i don't mean to judge or bombard the statement-maker,i'm just defending what's right.another lame excuse was the fact that the 'writer' claims that there are some girls who wear tudung (head scarf) as an accessory and still expose their 'aurat' (parts of the body that should be covered up according to Islam,for girls,we are only allowed to expose our faces and the palms of our hands) by wearing skin-tight jeans and fashionable tudungs.the question here is,'s clearly stated in the holy Al-Quran what should be covered and what should not,and according to many religious intellectuals,these cover-ups should be done voluntarily and changes in one's self could be made gradually.i view the girls who wear tudung with trendy outfits as people who are still in the changing phase,no one is perfect,therefore,they are improving themselves by improving the way they dress day by day.sure,they might wear skinnies today,but insyaAllah in the future,they may takes time,everything takes time and as humans,there's no such thing as drastic for the 'free-haired' girls,i'm not criticizing them,but to me,if they don't make an effort,which part of them is true to themselves?how are you honest to yourself if you can't even obey a simple rule in your own faith?ask yourself this,and reflect.i myself am not perfect,but i do not judge people by their appearance.which is better,trying or not trying at all?have some respect for those who have the desire to at least head towards obedience of an Islamic rule,covering up our's the most basic of all Islamic practices although it will not be the first practice queried in the afterlife,it's a responsibility.if you can't even do that,let alone other practices: the solah,fasting etc. think about it.
Wallahua'lam. Allah knows best.i apologize for any offence,but i am speaking on behalf of tudung girls everywhere,STOP judging us and ask your iman before you speak for words can be turned against you during Judgement Day.don't deny the obvious when it comes to religions.