Thursday, April 5, 2012

Overdue Greek Toga Night Adventure


This story is super overdue(about exactly a month ago?LOL) but knowing me,I NEVER leave out any adventurous details of my life.So I've been having my bandmates practicing a month in advance, whereby the songs were chosen with everyone's approval.After much bickering on FB,we've finally decided to do "Here Without You" (3 Doors Down),I Won't Give Up (Jason Mraz) and Breakeven (The Script). After a month's preparation of three days per week, we were struck by misfortune when we learnt that Neo was down with food poisoning; in despair,me,Josh & Nadzmi scouted for more than one substitutes to cover for him.Lucky for us,within a day we managed to get Denise,Jessie and Jason Addams (Jason & Adam) to help us out.

Nadzmi & Denise rehearsing
 Many thanks to Faiz for willing to be my personal chauffeur, my date to Aiman's wedding (which coincidentally fall on the same day),my motivator and our personal makeup artist.We rushed from my house to the wedding,and then straight on to uni for a last minute rehearsal with our sub vocalists.

Jason's hair done by Faiz

 Jason Addams x)

Faiz & me after makeup,backstage at Thyme & Terragon

Le Toga people from the Taylor's Hospitality School
Post makeup :3
Le Greek Toga throne

 It went pretty well and I was amazed by their ability to adapt (and not to be proud or anything but), not to mention Josh and Nadzmi transposing the songs in such short notice.Our slot was supposed to be at 8.30pm,but somehow there was a situation where Dzaim's band went missing at 7-ish and we had to fill in with Jason's performance, Breakeven.We were slightly panicked with the fact that Denise actually drove all the way to her church in Damansara Heights for a certain rehearsal, we thought she wouldn't make it.However, Dzaim & Said then took over our slot at 8-ish, performing Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People.Then 'twas our turn again, luckily Denise showed up just in time. Jessie performed I Won't Give Up followed by Denise (Here Without You). For some really strange reason, there was so much time left for performances as the Greek Toga Night was moving faster than we thought. Spontaneously, Jason Addams performed their own stuff to save the day.

Me & Jason backstage.He tried to calm me down when I panicked,lol

when you see it.... HAHAHAH

me,Jessie and the creepy Greek head.

 Since the food served was only allocated for 4 performers,we decided to move the party to Sunway Pyramid for dinner. We managed to talk Jessie and Denise into joining us. I'm telling ya, our convoy was mad -.- the boys playfully raced and fought for parking space. It was hilarious, not to mention the tiny argument regarding where to eat at , a silly debate of Delicious vs Nando's - the latter won,in case you were wondering. Let's just say the way the waiter and waitresses looked at us seemed like we were noisy enough to get kicked out xD Then again,you can't blame us,we're like family and the dinner was unplanned. After what seemed like a 2-hour banter,we finally dispersed. I swear,it was hella fun! Maybe it's true, the best things are natural and impromptu eh? ;)

say hello to the 'Noise in SLC' gang !

'family' photo take 1.

take 2 - meme family hehe : (left to right) Nadzmi facepalming,Josh "One Does Not Simply",Adam "So close..",
Denise "Aliens",me "Philosoraptor",Faiz "inverted Bitch Please"