Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Triple Nine

nice date huh?so on this special day,let's recap what happened for the past 9 months.ok here goes:

1.i turned sweet 16 in merry merry month of february!

2.i got my first C in my 16 years of life,for SEJARAH! in the weird month of march. sweet 16 birthday party was a blast! finally got to hang out with all my sisters.

4.i finally managed to get to a higher level in debate,state levels by defeating the so-called invincible high schoolers! wooo! :D that was also in march. first love confession in april,it was a mistake! and it was my past,i've moved on now,so far that i could hardly remember how it happened. first time singing in front of my favourite band,estranged! i had to sing 'remain unknown',that was on 4th june to be exact. first trip to Studio 21:05 owned by my 'cikgu',JD.also the first time he treated us to lunch,the first time we played monopoly with him and..*cough* the first embarrassing moment i've had this year,FALLING IN FRONT OF HIM! hahaha..that was on 6th june.

8.the day the whole world cried.the day my chilhood died.michael joseph jackson's passing :'( on 25th june.

9.i got a proposal! no,not to become anyone's wife but to be part of drummerboy's band! i was appointed as rhythm guitarist and he came to my house! YES IT'S A BIG DEAL! haha..damn.think i'm falling for him again.

so i guess that's about it,the nine highlights of year 2009.i shall enjoy the rest of the day now,by studying,lol.toodles.

missing peter pan.