Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Been Awhile

It's been a while
Since I've gone and fucked things up just like i always do
It's been a while
But all that shit seems to disappear when i'm with you
But everything I can't remember as fucked up as it may seem
the consequences that I've rendered
I've gone and fucked things up again

Why must i feel this way?
just make this go away
just one more peaceful day"

-It's Been Awhile by Staind

yo there readers (if any),i know i've been slacking a lot lately and i haven't been updating my blog properly for awhile,thus,the song by Staind fits well with the current situation : it's been awhile,it definitely maybe some of you,or rather,none of you,would like to know about my life and what's been going on with me be perfectly honest,life's been hectic in spite of being hopeless and redundant,haha.sorry,i've been into a Green Day fever lately,hasn't gone down since i covered Basket Case,must be Billie Joe's manliner.something that i can never resist,a guitarist who applies manliner around his eyes.anywhooo,that's not what i'm about to focus on.

cutting to the chase,it's about my adventure in the East took us a whole day to reach Kelantan,passing by the Gerik highway.Tasik Banding is awesome,we stood a chance to view its majesty up close at what was supposed to be the highest peak of the mountains where a resort was situated.

there it is,among the oldest waters in the world
where ancient flora and fauna were kidding,
this had been here since the Jurassic era.

and of course,the most anticipated meal of the whole trip..
*drumroll* ..... EEL SOUP! it was Fear Factor at first but after trying it,
i actually find the texture rather pleasant.the soup was terrific,reminded me
of Ra Won soup i had back in Madina.

East coast was great,the journey took a great deal of hours though,travelling from Selangor to Perak to Kelantan to Terengganu and to favourite part was of course,a visit to Aunty Bedah's where all the cats were excited to see visitors,not to mention it was the first time that any of us had ever met a wild boar in person! it was of course terrifying,luckily none of us got hurt.the poor thing was more afraid of us than we were of it,so it didn't charge at us.there wasn't much to do in Kelantan,although i do admit it's a shopping haven.all the stuff were cheap and reasonable in comparison to uptown Damansara.not to forget,Cherating beach is a beauty itself too.

speaking of beauty,i might need to replace my beauty snooze anytime soon.i don't know what went wrong this morning.i must have woken up from the wrong side of the bed,or shall i say,i didn't sleep at all.the trip was too tiring that most of my bedtime were spent in the car.i came home feeling too energetic to sleep.however,i dozed off on the couch when mum was watching primetime much for guitar practice,hehe.and now i'm WIDE awake while i have driving classes for two hours tomorrow.still waiting for my L license though,in case you're wondering,it's my ticket that takes me one step closer into getting behind the wheels and on the road,hehe.i can't wait! driving is just like playing guitars,it takes step-by-step and a whole load of's safe to say that my guitar-playing is definitely much better than my driving.manual cars are quite a fuss to be perfectly on the other hand,has been a part of my life for two years already.still..i sometimes feel discouraged due to my weak hand addition,my newly-upgraded 10s. strings are not helping much.then comes my mentor,just in the nick of time to keep me from giving up.

and that's why i'm sticking to my Rockstar dreams.i know
he'd pop up somewhere,somehow to support me.thanks Lao Tse,it means a lot :)
i won't let you down.i'm actually planning an ambush on 21:05 with ready.

you know what sucks? The moment your about to get somewhere.... some asshole decides to fuck shit up again. Setback after setback! Sucks major balls. - Rahul OBS

some people whom I thought were supposed to be good friends are being such a letdown.why are you trying to make me feel sorry for myself for not having what you have?as if you've had it all.pffftt.. what's so great about your life anyway?i'm not jealous for even an inch or titbit of your life,i never will,why? because my life rocks harder man.i've been further and i've seen worst things than you can ever imagine in that little no-brainer of yours.why you gotta flaunt what you got?it's not like you've been employed by Donald Trump.i can show off more than you have,but the thing is,i wouldn't stoop down to your level.i have dignity and pride as it is,i don't have to show people.people just know it by themselves.this fortune i have is how God repays me for what He took away from me years ago,it's how the world works,in a win some you lose some.making people feel like shit is just low.i'm luckier than you could ever wish you would be and you know it,that's why you wanted to feel better by pointing out what you have but what i don't.what's the matter with you?i was so glad i finally had my own backbone to stand up to such mentality.i don't know if it's a good thing to still be hanging around you guys anymore,seriously.your true colours suck eggs man.good luck surviving the real world.right now,my main focus will be Scarlet Got A Band and nothing else.period.

you know? hahah.. Billie Joe,now you got me into that 'you know' thing already,you know?