Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sometimes We Hear,But We Don't Listen

Hey listen,listen,listen,listen... lol . Salutations my awesome readers ! Yes,I'm gonna be actively blogging again on account of being free for 3 months due to my last longest semester break of my whole degree program. I know,I owe each and every one of you updates on what's been happening to me for the past 6 months, which of course includes events in 2012. We'll get to that,but since memories aren't going anywhere no matter how long it takes for me to share them, let's just focus on something more up-to-date and factual?

Recently, (about 2 days ago) a footage of a student-speaker forum in UUM had been going viral all over the internet due to the lack of integrity displayed by the speaker namely Ms Sharifah Zohra Jabeen in responding to a student's criticism towards the country's education loan system, peaceful street demonstrations and a few other political issues that seem to be the hottest debate topics between the government and the opposing party. I am not exactly one who would be very interested in political issues,mainly because I prefer not taking sides rather than giving my full support towards a party that might or might not be capable of ruling the country,especially with the fact that Malaysia is multi-racial and therefore,the slightest of mistakes in a public statement might awaken racial sentiments. Let's just say I speak for myself,and humans in general. The thing about us homo sapiens is that,we are well aware of our five major senses : sight,hearing,touch,taste,smell ; but what we are not aware of is that,are we interpreting the stimuli around us the way we should? Sometimes when we're conversing, we are definitely hearing, but here's the catch, are we actually listening to whom we speak to? Are we aware of the point he/she is trying to get across? Do we put ourselves in his/her shoe to understand what he/she might be trying to tell us? Do we see the big picture? Do we see right through his/her words so unveil the meaning that lies within? No. Not a definite no,we may still do,but not all the time. A clear example of such behavior was shown by this Ms Sharifah, of which she shut Ms Bavani off by repeating "Listen,listen,listen,let me speak" multiple times and eventually snatched the microphone away from the student who was,at that moment, trying to make a valid argument. Not only that,she also refuted Ms Bavani's argument by saying that Malaysia shouldn't be compared to other countries, and that the fact that those complains were lodged made it a 'relevant' excuse for Ms Bavani to leave the country. Her counter-argument was that animals have problems too but they do not go for public demonstrations like humans do. I too am against public demonstration,personally speaking,but the way Ms Sharifah treated this student was a disgrace to the whole 1 Malaysia Women Society. Age certainly does not justify the amount of respect you should get, for respect is to be earned. If you do not respect others,how do you expect others to do the same to you? A degree,or masters, or any forms of high-level certifications in general, also does not put you into a veto position to shut people off. In a democratic society, one should be allowed to voice out his/her comments, either it's positive or negative. Ms Bavani's boldness in her stand has earned my respect,whereas Ms Sharifah's ignorance makes me doubt her integrity and professionalism. If this is the kind of world we live in, where the future generation such as myself, who would someday lead the world, are not allowed to voice out our thoughts and ideas, I fear this country's future is a cloudy one. In spite of clashes in political views, we need to respect each other, let one another speak, who knows, sharing of ideas might just save the world from becoming .. toast. Don't just open your senses to hear, but...actually LISTEN, and think things through.This is what separates us from the animals,our ability to interpret what we have sensed.

p/s: to the peeps who applauded for both Ms Bavani and Ms Sharifah, have a backbone,please? Please stop having that 'follow the crowd' attitude.