Tuesday, July 7, 2009

no air

Sights and Sounds

it's been quite awhile since i last blogged haven't i?so i guess i shall make up all the missing parts of my life by doing this little summary.tonight was an ordinary always,my monday night routine would be dinner,a little tv,prayers and off to chemistry tuition.BUT,tonight was a little different.tonight,i had an epiphany.ok,don't have to sound too serious,haha.i was walking with lyla and rusy into our teacher's house,like how we usually do,but just then,i bumped into this creepy emo guy (although i don't really fear him).he stood behind me,being a gentleman by letting us pass before him.i turned behind to thank him,only to notice how his thin eyeliner-encircled eyes were sparkling with innocence and oh my,how i wish i hadn't turned to look at him.don't get me wrong,i didn't fall for him.there was just something about his eyes that made me's some sort of miracle.i've never heard him spoke to anyone,neither does he laugh or make fun of people.he's a nice guy and all,but of course,my heart still belongs to sayang :) just the fact that the miracle in his eyes.i wonder who will be the lucky princess to have stolen his heart.she'll be able to gaze into them as long as she wants,and never worry or doubt his faithfulness.lucky lucky i guess that wraps up the miraculous eye story.

moving on..did i mention that i was hooked on this sitcom called 'Stacked'? all over the cutesy main character,Gavin.he's an employee at a bookstore called Stacked,owned by Stewart Miller.notice how cute he is whenever he gets into mischieve? haha.he's a totally adorable guy although he's such a jinx when it comes to love.and here he is:

btw,his real name is Elon Gold,i did a little googling XD

also,i recall something about saying that i appreciate MJ more than ever upon getting the news of his passing.i'm still devastated,i can't accept the fact that he's gone.he's such a multitalented entertainer.he writes awesome songs,he has his own vocal identity and signature dance moves,and to top it all up,he loves kids! currently,i'm into this dance move from his vid 'Thriller'.it's awh-sum! you guys shouldve seen Jennifer Garner did the moves in the movie '13 going on 30'.think i'm gonna look for his album ultimate,irreplaceable superstar such as him will never dim despite the fact that he's gone forever.his music,his dances,all the things he had inspired us with,lives on...

watching 'Earth Song' video the other day on MTV's exclusive MJ's top 40 chart brought tears to my made me think,what have we mankind done to our mother earth?what happened to us?maybe we are the beasts,not the wild animals we have been hunting for,nor the natural disasters that destructed many lives and belongings.we.are.THE BEASTS.

alfatihah to Mikaeel Joseph Jackson Abdullah.