Monday, July 27, 2009

Beat It

oh no! i think i'm having a high fever! no worries people,i haven't been out of the country nor have i mixed with potentially-H1N1-infected's another kind of fever called MJN1 (as in,Michael Jackson No1 Hits Addiction Syndrome).i'm literally going gaga over him for some reason to the extent where i can't stop searching for his videos on youtube.i think i have become a die hard fan of his,too bad he's gone too soon.

the first random song that popped into my head when i woke up this morning was his 1970s no1 hit : Don't Stop Til You Get made me sing the same tunes the whole day.during recess,the 'player' in my head played 'Will You Be There'.so again,i sang till my duty at the canteen was over,lol.kinda astonished the passers-by,but what do I care anyway? imagine if they were to be in my shoes,standing there doing nothing but stop the students from exiting at the entrance for half an hour.right now am listening to 'You Rock My World' in repeat mode.didn't know it was MJ's song,sounded like JT,somehow,no disrespect though.i <3 MJ

also,i'm taking another step forward to end the nonsense i have mentioned in my earlier posts.what nonsense? can you recall this:

yes..THAT in class,miss lynette asked us to write an essay on 'A Memorable Day'.she called abi up front to briefly describe a memorable day in her life.abi told her about the day she got straight As for pmr,and lynette wasn't pleased,lol.simply coz there wasn't gonna be much to write she decided to call someone so-called 'creative' up front.guess who the unlucky one is? ME..wht the hell~

so,well,considering i love my life,there are so many memorable days i could think of.choosing one would be so troublesome for me, my dang classmates yenn,double e,sarah and cucuwa were cheering:

"azee,that camp! azee talk about that camp! we know you want to!"
so of course,me being me, " what camp? i'm not talking about THAT"
"then talk about yesterday's install! *evil grin*" shouts yenn.

basicly i got a little pissed off,so i guess i ignored her and proceeded by talking about Camp Rock.didn't mention the part i met saiang,lol.

and my little heart to heart talk with shu wan squeezed out all the honesty juice out of me.aparently i came to a realisation: i am being an idiot.that's why i'm putting an end to all these.period.

ohh before i forget,got my marks surprising,i thought i'd fail my sejarah and addmaths,lol.guess that's all for today.gotta get back to the real world now..



I Rock My World.

That Pretentious Fool (for him)Complicated

Complicated - Avril Lavigne

Life's like this
Uh-huh, uh-huh
That's the way it is
'Cause life's like this
Uh-huh, uh-huh
That's the way it is

Chill out,
What you yellin' for?
Lay back, it's all been done before
And if you could only let it be
You will see

I like you the way you are
When we're, driving in my car
And you're talking to me
One on one
But you become

Somebody else
'Round everyone else
Watchin' your back
Like you can't relax
You're tryin' to be cool
You look like a fool
To me

Tell me

Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you're
Acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated
Life's like this, you
And you fall and you crawl
And you break and you take
What you get and you turn it into
Honesty Promise me I'm never gonna find you fake it

No, no, no

You come over unannounced
Dressed up like you're something else
Where you are and
Where you sat, you see
You're making me
Laugh out
When you strike a pose
Take off all your preppy clothes
You know
You're not fooling anyone
When you become

Somebody else
'Round everyone else
Watchin' your back
Like you can't relax
Tryin' to be cool
You look like a fool
To me

Still Got The Blues

sigh..tomorrow's Monday,and that means:'s four more days till weekend :(
2.monday blues might affect our moods throughout the whole day
3.the last thing i need is getting my mood worse compared to what it already is now.

oh and i almost forgot,install was ok.shu wan n yenn did a great job emcee-ing the occasion.the performances were cool too.HSM drama team was superb,so were the other dance's highlight would be Willy's band,Traffic Light and Yuan Khoon's band who played 'New Divide'! damn they're awesome despite khoon's epic fail dead notes in between the power chords,lol.great job though.

apart from that..haiz..

this little scenario seems to have cast a spell on me,driving me has to stop,pronto! i really need a way to repel it at all causes.i can't bear with it much longer.ignorance is bliss but sometimes you have to utilize it to delete the bad side of things.

i'm not saying it's wrong to dream,but look at the big picture.when dreams go overboard,what are you left with?rootless anticipation,that's what it again.

new divide