Thursday, December 17, 2009

That Little Encounter

Last Sunday,i went back to my old town,Muar to settle a few things regarding our old house to let,on account of we already have a customer.So,I decided to meet up my old school friends,but only Adah showed up.I don't blame the rest of them,indeed,their absence was expected since it's a long school holiday and I only told them about my homecoming at the very day.It was fun but while waiting for Adah,i saw a gang of familiar guys,clearly they're from my tuition class.Then,among them..I saw him..
Him in that hoodie I've always loved to see.I was sitting at a corner on a chair leaned against a wall,texting Adah every now and then.his very presence stunned me,both physically and text for Adah subsequently delayed.I caught myself having my eyes glued at him and him alone,nothing nor no one else.It was like being casted upon a magic spell.It was crazy! I tried to look away but i was too late.he spotted me and gave me a very mesmerizing smile,presumably as a sign of mere friendliness,yet little did he know that his smile and glimpse alone could make my heart race wildly.I turned away and didn't know what to do.My mind froze and i couldn't think straight.I wonder why this little encounter ever happened the first place as i was just having the time of my life,finally returning to the place i left a month ago.why God why?everything happens for a reason but what's this?are you telling me i shouldn't move on from the past? however,i don't blame God,He knows what's He's doing.this situation reminded me a lot of the two soulful songs I've always loved of Mika's, Erase and I See You.

in I See You,the lyrics go:
Could it be you fell for me?
And any possible similarity
If its all how would i know?
You never knew me at all but i see you
I'm standing across from you (but i see you)
I've dreamt alone now the dreams won't do (but i see you)
I'm standing across from you (but i see you)
I've dreamt alone now the dreams won't do (but i see you)
Truth be told my problem's old
You mean the world to me
But you'll never know
You could be cruel to me
While we're risking the way that i see you

while in Erase it goes:

My love.
I bet you can't erase!
My touch.
You're trying to replace, a feeling without a name, with somebody else's face!
In your head!

Everything's cool, your rent is paid; the house is clean, your bed is made.

But it's a ghost town in your mind.

We never had time to go to sleep, we'd wake up tangled in the sheets, on a bed, that we called home.

When the pain won't go away, you might as well, put your finger on the trigger...

the lyrics seem to speak my emotions well.only one thing to do now,learn how to forget no matter how extremely forgetful i can be.

easily forgive,hardly forget.