Friday, June 18, 2010

From 10 to 6 to 8 and Back to 10

i know how solemn and blue this blog has been lately.
this is why i thought it needed a little toning down by a couple of happy times.

so actually the day before yesterday,i don't really know how we came up with this was jerin's idea that all of us should meet up and just chill for one last time before the exam madness begins next year.

jerin and nizar came to my house (in seksyen 10).we walked on until we reached the bus stop in seksyen 9?then we rode the bus to mcD!

wtf >>>>> typically Jerin JJ. friend :D i swear he looks like Hafiz anak wayang!!~

whatsup with guys and techno gizmoes? -.-

then,after lunch, we waited for the bus to move on to seksyen 8 KD for a little gaming session.

aizat,amin,jerin,ipan,me and nizar

in the buss..ehehehe... yeah i know like wtf -.-

not particularly good at Counter Strike NOR Left 4 Dead..
(maybe because you were not around stop!)

it was still hell fun watching them play the game!

then we loitered,camwhored,ate what's left of our burgers,and then walked back home together.

i guess that's about it.LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!! :DD thanks everyone,for all the fun!

p/s: as always... WISH YOU WERE THERE! :(