Friday, March 5, 2010

Sir Mika!

i was about to continue my little overrated love story but i stumbled upon this article instead:

Mika Knighted in Paris
MIKA has secretly been knighted in Paris, but don’t tell the French because he’s already lost the medal.

The pop lord – our biggest export across the channel – has been given the rare Knight in the Order of Arts for services to music.

Sir Mika, 26, revealed: “I’m a knight, but nobody knows about it. About a month ago I was one of the youngest people to ever be made a chevalier in France. It goes after my name, Mika chevalier des arts.”

The singer joins an elite band of artists honoured with the prestigious Gallic prize including Kylie Minogue, 41, and George Clooney, 48.

Only problem is he has lost the priceless gong on the streets of London somewhere. “It’s a metal medal with a tiny little green ribbon, but the first night I wore it I lost it.

“I lost it outside my flat. I spent 45 minutes by the Tube station looking for it, literally on my hands and knees.

“My sister bumped into me on the street and said: ‘What the f*** are you doing” and I had to say: ‘Looking for my knighthood’.She thought I was crazy.”

Anyone in the Gloucester Road area of London who stumbles upon a small medal knows who it belongs to.

Mika also admitted he’s been writing No 1 hits for Italian pop stars under a pseudonym.

He said: “I’ve written a lot of songs under pseudonyms, mostly girls names. Alice, for example, has written many hits in different countries.

“I did one song for Jovanotti. He’s Italy’s biggest pop star and plays stadiums over there. He had a very big hit with my song.” Does that make him Dame Alice, then?


what next?his coronation?

And The Story Goes.. - Part 1


i was caught up in the blissful unaware,until the not-so-annoying alarm rang.'Touches You' got me dancing up to my toes and straight to the bathroom to wash up.iad a dream last night,a rather strange one.i dreamt that i was forced to confess to him,but his so-called best friend got in the's a scenario i would never want to be in when it comes to real life.and off to school i go..

still no sign of him.where is he?? sigh...i walked to my class,disappointed..but wait,who's that in the corner? i turned.oh no,i think my heart just skipped a beat,is that you?...yes,it was.standing there,leaning against the wall,joking with your friends.i need not to talk to you for the sight of you alone will be able to make my day.and so i took a brief glance and turned away from you,for fear that you might notice.the rest of the morning was as ordinary as can be.

this is the part when the story gets interesting.i thought my every morning encounter with him is enough,but no,God had much bigger plans in i went up the stairs,there he was again,tying the laces of his shoes.i pretended to talk to syira,ignoring his presence.when i almost passed him,he looked up and had this tricky smile on his face.he then called upon his friend,telling him to hurry.of course,that was never a good sign,for this friend of his,is obsessed with,i do not appreciate such obsession at all,it's plainly overrated,almost worse than falling for someone you don't know.syira and i attempted to run upstairs,straight into the physics lab but we were too late.there he stood,like a grizzly bear staring at its prey.we avoided his way,but somehow he was squeezing at me,despite the notion that there's more space left on the other side of the stairway.obviously that wasn't a smart move was it?it annoyed me,entirely.

let's give a name to these two peas in a pod.the charming one,who's causing all the butterflies to flutter around in my stomach is Alex and the particularly big gentleman who's obsessed with me is Ben.little did the dynamic duo know that they are now trapped in a love triangle.

to be continued...