Friday, March 5, 2010

Sir Mika!

i was about to continue my little overrated love story but i stumbled upon this article instead:

Mika Knighted in Paris
MIKA has secretly been knighted in Paris, but don’t tell the French because he’s already lost the medal.

The pop lord – our biggest export across the channel – has been given the rare Knight in the Order of Arts for services to music.

Sir Mika, 26, revealed: “I’m a knight, but nobody knows about it. About a month ago I was one of the youngest people to ever be made a chevalier in France. It goes after my name, Mika chevalier des arts.”

The singer joins an elite band of artists honoured with the prestigious Gallic prize including Kylie Minogue, 41, and George Clooney, 48.

Only problem is he has lost the priceless gong on the streets of London somewhere. “It’s a metal medal with a tiny little green ribbon, but the first night I wore it I lost it.

“I lost it outside my flat. I spent 45 minutes by the Tube station looking for it, literally on my hands and knees.

“My sister bumped into me on the street and said: ‘What the f*** are you doing” and I had to say: ‘Looking for my knighthood’.She thought I was crazy.”

Anyone in the Gloucester Road area of London who stumbles upon a small medal knows who it belongs to.

Mika also admitted he’s been writing No 1 hits for Italian pop stars under a pseudonym.

He said: “I’ve written a lot of songs under pseudonyms, mostly girls names. Alice, for example, has written many hits in different countries.

“I did one song for Jovanotti. He’s Italy’s biggest pop star and plays stadiums over there. He had a very big hit with my song.” Does that make him Dame Alice, then?


what next?his coronation?

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