Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cute Without the 'e'

i don't know why (or maybe i do?) i had a sudden urge to clarify this with's been 4months,almost half a year since i ended my 'soap opera' with you-know-who.i've gotten over it,although not completely yet,but why hasn't everyone?it's fucking annoying to still have people teasing around and trying to make a joke out of minor rebounds i've had's dreadful enough that i took the blame to let myself go,now people are still accusing me of being heartless even with the fact that i was the one being emotionally tortured throughout the whole relationSHIT.this isn't what i wished for.the juniors are well enough against me for it because 'he' had more followers than me,the kids love him more than they love me.and his so-called loyal young 'admirer' is sending an indirect message to me that i don't deserve him and it's so much better for me to move on and for 'her' to end up with 'him' instead.well you know what princess,he's all yours.i wish you luck.take him,he's not mine to keep ANYMORE.i can give you all the things that remind me of him now too if you want.i have to reveal the truth here with everyone regarding why i actually ended it.i have a lot of reasons:

1.i hate being the only one trying hard,while you fucking sit on your ass calling me up whenever you please but never once made an effort to go after me physically.
2.i hate being subscribed to your ego and bragging.
3.i hate the fact you're isolating yourself from my friends and try to change them to your own accord,they're grown-ups for goodness sake you're not their moms!
4.i hate the fact you think you're too important,more important than my own is wrong with you?you never listen to what i say,whether or not i'm busy.if you can't tolerate,then it's good bye for you.'re selfish and you only think about don't listen to me and when it's your fault,you divert the situation and turn the table to when are your mistakes mine too? use your so-called 'fragile' emotions whenever we fight so that people would think i'm the heartless one when it's all your fault! flaunt our problems to MY FRIENDS and make ME look bad.we're not even halfway through the relationship,and it's already strike 3.i wouldn't mind you telling our problems to YOUR OWN friends(because i do that too to let them go),that is,if you had any.

i'm not bearing any grudges to anyone,i just need to get this out of my chest and justify my there you go.use your puny brains to decide who's wrong and who's right before you judge me.

p/s: Taking Back Sunday rocks my world :)

Elite Team!

it's been awhile since i went for an audition to join the Elite Team of Taylor's Music's been fun so far,met great people,had great performing experiences,learnt a lot,progressed in music a lot.

i think you've seen him before in one of my previous posts,but i shall intro him again.everyone,meet my musical partner-in-crime,Dex :) planning to collaborate with him outside of campus too.expect youtube covers from us soon.

I am now Cikgu Yana :)

"Those who can’t do, teach. And those who can’t teach, teach gym".

I never thought anyone would actually be calling me 'cikgu' (or teacher in English).teaching line wasn't and never would be my forte' despite the fact that some of my friends of the same age tend to be fond of the way i share my knowledge and explain things to's a talent,some would say,without me even realising it.i love sharing what i know and using it to help people.i did have people calling me Cikgu in a playful manner because of my excessive formality,but not as a proper address before.earlier this month,my neighbor asked me for help to teach his daughter Malaysian's hard for kids that age to pick up a second language,i know,thus i tried my best to help her out.taught her how to read in proper pronounciation and tone,some comprehension,a little vocab and spelling.i'm surprised how long her attention span is.the class i conducted lasted for two hours solid but she managed to keep up,although it did cross my mind to actually shorten the class up to 1 and a half hours instead.i could tell she was exhausted after the first hour of intense learning and practice.yes,i'm a cruel teacher,muahahaha. well actually,i wanted the lesson i conduct to be worthwhile,i pledged quality to her parents therefore quality is what i will give,not for money but for self-satisfaction.i'd be super proud if i'm able to help people improve their gives me a sense of warmth and fuzziness inside.i love her,seriously.very attentive and hardworking.looking forward for the next session with her next Saturday.
p/s: i do not offer guitar classes.go find a proper tutor for that,lol.