Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i hate these feelings.they make me sick.i hate that i love you too much at times.i hate pretending to be alright.i hate pretending not to miss you.

and what i hate the most is..

i hate the way we ignore each other despite making eye contacts.what have we got to lose?today's incident made me feel empty.if only there's a way for me to walk up to you and tell you how much i miss's been more than 3 weeks since we last spoke to each other,and the 2-week school holidays will make it 5 weeks.

i laugh,i smile,i joke.but inside i feel to me,please..


not all of them are evil and destructive, of them is nice enough to send a box of chocolates to my doorstep this evening.

after much assumptions and speculations,i finally found out that it was from my big sis rainy rin :) i love you babe,thanks loads!

Adolescence revolves around ..?

some say studies...

some say friends..or hopes and dreams..

but i say it revolves around love stories.endless,epic ones..

"porque te quiero" vs soup cans

porque te quiero :)

why are you always following me around?
porque te quiero :)

why are you always listening to me?
porque te quiero :)

why are you always supportive of me?
porque te quiero

why do you care about me so much?
porque te quiero :)

why can't you say anything lse but "porque te quiero"?
it means "because i love you" in spanish.

i wonder how did it happen.when did we meet?how did i get myself into yet another mayhem?i wonder why am i being so fickle?well one fine day i've concluded that my status now is not exactly in love,rather..more of a with many options in love,one that hasn't found her mr Right,one who still looks at love in general.some may label me as a player,but mark this,when have i been in a relationship this year anyway? all the stories regarding alex,carlos,ben and such..they're all one-sided either i become the broken-hearted one or the other way around.if i was a player,i'd be in an ever-changing relationship and would have had many ex-boyfriends by my 17 years of life,i recalled being in love 10 times,and being in a relationship for not even half of that number.and one more thing,labels are only for soup cans! i can clearly prove myself worthy of being a human being.

1.i don't have a determined expiry date,not saying i don't have one at all. flavour changes from one to another.
3.i do NOT particularly contain artificial additives.

okay,enough craptalk ,it's time for a little bit of reality,something terribly missed out in this overrated blog.this little piece of 'reality' may or may not hurt as much as knowing how big of an asshole our alexander luthor is.

marlon did you suddenly steal the limelight?i wonder...stop being so shy around my friends,show your true colours! be proud of who you are.if they don't think you're good-looking,I DO.if they don't think you're cool,I DO.if they don't think you deserve me,I DO.

if you think you're life is full of sorrow and emptiness,i shall be your joy and complement your life.why? porque usted me ama y te quiero.

and we both know that,it's just not being expressed into words yet.let us be the only ones who know,other than God Almighty :)

-you are definitely a tuna when everyone else remains a canned soup.