Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marabahaya Cover

to be perfectly frank,my first impression on Pop Shuvit's song "Marabahaya" wasn't too much as I love PS,i seem to love their other songs rather than this one.But in 2009,they decided to collaborate with Slapshock,Dandee,Ahli Fiqir and a few more Southeast Asian Rapcore acts to form Project EAR and did a new rendition of the song.i fell in love with it instantly as soon as it was released on MySpace.remember the time when JD offered me to perform with them provided that i have to learn any few of PS' songs?i gave Old Skool Rocka a shot but it was terrible,yet i never gave fact,i decided to try Marabahaya instead.the verses wasn't as challenging but the bridge riff needed LOTS of practice to get the speed right.after several attempts,i finally recorded it on my webcam and uploaded it on Youtube.

it took awhile to upload as the video is extremely big.i needed to make it presentable,editing alone took me around 1hour,let alone shooting the whole was mad but in the end,i was so glad Lao Tse loved's the cover here for the curious ones.this is what he thinks of it :

i guess the 'bapa borek anak rintik' idiom applies here,except the fact that Lao tse and I are not related,or are we? ;)

strange how much we have in common: starting guitar at age 15,being the only musician in the family,being really good in Physics and English compared to any other subjects,...and some say we look like siblings O.0 i think we need a blood/DNA test,heheh.he might be my long-lost brother,lol..

whatever it is,shan't let him down.i'll prove myself worthy of being an excellent musician and make him proud one day.look out world! a new rockstar is heading your way,just wait! :))

-and did i mention he 'liked' the video too? lalala...