Thursday, October 14, 2010

Afi's Minor Operation - Destring,Cleaning,Restring

talk about hard work.i needed to convince my mom into taking me all the way to Damansara Perdana to get a new set of strings for upgrading purposes,get a metronome/tuner (of which i named R2D2)

and then go through 6 adventurous hours of detaching the 8 gauge strings (or as Cikgu J would call it,fishing line) and then upgrading them to a set of 10 gauge strings.and the result:

Cikgu said there's a little excess string but it could be rectified with
more practice.
which is why i think i need to do a 'follow-up treatment' on Afi.his low E string and A string is making some really annoying buzzing noises when i pick them,must be the improper winding.need to show Cikgu the adjustments,ahhhhh... hehe.i hate letting him down,he goes all out to mold me into a guitarist as amazing as he is.

speaking of high expectations,i'm guessing my Chemistry and Physics teachers have such high hopes in seeing me ace in their respective subjects too,especially Puan Tang Wan See.earlier today,not to brag but it must have been my day,my Chemistry marks (although not even close to my actual target) seem to be quite something to be proud of.there was once,in Chemistry class,Puan Tang asked us a question,a tough one,and said "if even Azliyana can't answer this,i'm gonna vomit blood".funny?you wish,if you were in my shoes,it wouldn't be as just shows how high she expects of me and it's not that i'm complaining,it's just that,i'm afraid to disappoint her.

my teachers,especially Puan Nor Rizan,Puan Siti Rahmah,Miss Intan,Puan Lim,Mr Darwis,Mr Ben,Mr Zeelen,Puan Tang,Cikgu JD and the rest of my teachers,i won't let all of you won't regret having me as your student,i'll make all of you proud someday.i'll be a straight A student rockstar.just wait and see :)

btw Marco,can you please smile and let me know you're not mad at me? :( you have no idea how much i miss you.