Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is a little bit overdue,and I have indeed abandoned my blog for four days straight now,blame my unstable internet because of the gloomy weather.SO Saturday was an awesome day with me,despite the really..let's just say tensed up morning starting with me rushing and running up and down One Utama to catch Breaking Dawn Part 1 with the girls,i was half an hour late and it's already been 20minutes pass the beginning of it,then again,I felt as if i didn't miss much.the movie was really disappointing to say the very least,too many scenes spent on the honeymoon after Edward & Bella's wedding,and Jacob just HAD to be bipolar about everything,and the fact that Bella didn't die conceiving Renesmee' is a little bit puzzling (although we ALL want her to survive).The ending that showed Bella as a vampire really let me down in so many ways,don't know if part 2 will be worth watching.It sucks how movies can make the masterpiece seem so dull.Then again,i'm not giving up on Twilight Saga yet,na'ah! let's see how the director manipulates part 2.

Enough about Twilight,now let's focus on how the girls have been.Nothing much changed,simply because our reunion occurred 2 months after our so-called 'separation'.The girls had been good and finally adjusting to their courses so far.It's good to hear everyone's been well and they were slightly jealous with the fact that I'm ending my foundation soon,hehe.

so this one was an unexpectedly awesome self-portrait of all of us on the bridge connecting the old wing and new wing of One Utama.guess what we took it with... my epic Sony Ericsson k510i! i swear,that phone has a standard of an ordinary camera! 

Our lunch at Pizza Hut,decided to try out the new Cheesy 7 cheesy lava pizza,ordered a regular and it turned out smaller than we expected,sigh... things are getting too expensive these days.didn' quite enjoy the cream cheese on top,but the rest of the cheeses were awesome!

So right after lunch,we decided to take a stroll around One Utama,the girls did some shopping while the rest of us just talked.Yen picked me up and we left for Klang at about 5pm.MANY tolls,MANY missed turnings,MANY 'clock settings' of roundabouts and MANY phone-calls-asking-for-directions later... we finally reached Zul's house in Taman Botanic,Klang.took us a good deal of 30 minutes to get to Klang,while the remaining time was spent on looking out for land marks and trying to remember the exact directions.They had already blasted music by the time we arrived,and cooking was initiated when everyone arrived.

Ang Yu helping Miss Hema in handling the marinated BBQ meats. 

Yen grilling ze chicken wings..Ken Yue helped too,but couldn't get a shot of him somehow.

The July intake FIC and FIC March (Seelan) talking.

To be perfectly honest,although the whole BBQ party was fun and Zul was so damn accommodating,I feel tad uncomfortable with the fact that it involved liquor and I was glad I left before everyone had gotten high.I heard it was funny though,most of the boys got drunk and lost what's left of their sanity,not to mention their hilarious hangover the next day.

The rest was history,however today,was one of the most perfect days of my life.I've never felt this happy for ages! in fact,i don't recall being THIS happy in my entire life at all,and the best part is,it's not a big deal too.It all started with my mom showing me these...

Yes,I did ask mum to buy these for me,and yes I paid them myself,except the other pair which belong to my cousins.Yes SP is one of my bucketlist bands,but the dream that comes the night after getting so excited about it was the best dream ever,thus far.It was simple,but enough to make my day.

Right: the dream goes.. I went to Subway for lunch and ordered my Italian BMT.suddenly someone in the restaurant in excited,not terrified,and everyone turned to look.Lights went out and spotlights were everywhere.i recognize that catchy drum beat and riffs! Can't Take My Hands Off You was on and the members of Simple Plan performed in Subway! the waitres and waitresses were dancing while prepping my meal,and all of us just randomly started to break out into a choreographed Grease-like dance on the tables,counters,you-name-it! EPIC.DREAM.EVER.

So,lemme get this straight,a combined craving for Subway's Italian BMT sandwich + pre-concert anxiety = awesome dream? i should do this more often eh,less emo,more epic dreams! :) me gusta.