Monday, July 27, 2009

Still Got The Blues

sigh..tomorrow's Monday,and that means:'s four more days till weekend :(
2.monday blues might affect our moods throughout the whole day
3.the last thing i need is getting my mood worse compared to what it already is now.

oh and i almost forgot,install was ok.shu wan n yenn did a great job emcee-ing the occasion.the performances were cool too.HSM drama team was superb,so were the other dance's highlight would be Willy's band,Traffic Light and Yuan Khoon's band who played 'New Divide'! damn they're awesome despite khoon's epic fail dead notes in between the power chords,lol.great job though.

apart from that..haiz..

this little scenario seems to have cast a spell on me,driving me has to stop,pronto! i really need a way to repel it at all causes.i can't bear with it much longer.ignorance is bliss but sometimes you have to utilize it to delete the bad side of things.

i'm not saying it's wrong to dream,but look at the big picture.when dreams go overboard,what are you left with?rootless anticipation,that's what it again.

new divide

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