Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tips From The Pro the search for members didn't really go well.and i've gotten no respond so far.whatever it is,here's some spirit-lifter for myself-a few tips from the pro:

*You have to know an artiste.Analyze his/her personality,and write a song based on it.Only then will you be able to give 'life' to the song-Audi Mok

*Sing selalu.Get yourself a proper voice recorder,or at least an affordable one and record your ideas before they flutter away- Aidit Alfian

*It's never too late to learn,I myself first held the guitar when I was 15.You have to know what music is before you write any- Enha Estranged

*I agree,rock is pretty complex.I started off with r&b and rap,but I eventually digged in Nirvana and became a rocker.It takes time,but you'll work it out.Excellent attempt,keep it up.- Din Hormatov Estranged

*Lirik ni tak boleh terlalu puitis,tak boleh terlalu direct.Just nice..Barulah sedap didengar..-Sulu Sarawak.

there you go,my determination to write a perfect song.i've had conversations with all the famous people stated above,and all the quotes are the ones said to me,pc to face,haha.

will try getting more in the the mean time,shall be working on my demo now.


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