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The Prince of Smiles - Part 2

before i continue with part 2 of the story,check this petition out and consider signing's a petition to make 29th August the annual Michael Jackson Day,a day to cherish children in honor of the late humanitarian who loved children and the world more than anyone did.

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The following day,she told her other children to stay indoors and only let the miracle boy play in the backyard alone.She purposely left a pint of seeds at the doorway,hoping that her special son might spot them and spread them on the ground as he did before.Her assumption was right,the miracle boy DID pick up the seeds he found lying around and spread them all over the garden grounds.Nothing unusual happened until the miracle boy started to sing and hum merry tunes.The stiff air started to blow swiftly,swaying the grass and trees.Seed by seed sprouted into buds of joy and beauty.In an instant,he was the center of attention.everyone watched him in awe as his angelic voice sings melodies far beyond any minds could think of.he was no longer a nobody.from that day onwards,his life changed forever.his presence,curing the diseased crops with his voice,had made the ruler of Miles smile for the very first time in their lives.

his father,who used to doubt his magical voice,was bringing him all over the world,even beyond the land of Miles to cure plagues of depression in far-off places.everyone loved him.everywhere he turned,there must be a person or two attracted to talk to him.he remained humble despite such amount of attention given to him in comparison to his other siblings.yet,his life was empty.all he ever did was going all over,creating smiles on everyone's faces while he remained pressured all the time.he was pressured to always give his best and when he failed,even with the slightest failure,it would end up in a painful fate for him.each day,on his travels,he would look out the window upon hearing the joys and laughters of children.before he knew it,tears started to roll down his he wished he got to play just like them,but he knew he will never get the chance to,ever.

regardless of going through things that a child shouldn't,he had a pure heart.he may be smaller than anyone else,but his heart was bigger than anyone could ever imagined.he didnt go around empty-handed.he always had something to give to the poor and less fortunate,especially to homeless children,young and old.his countless good deeds gradually transformed his looks from an ordinary peasant to a prince-like gentleman.his captivating eyes,his rose-red lips,his snow white skin,his tall and broad figure.his very sight brought damsels down to their knees,not to mention his angelic voice.he was far beyond a match for anyone.for this,he became an envy to many gentlemen.his presence had made crops of happiness grow in abundance until he is crowned 'The Prince' among the townfolks of Miles.he was standing on top of the world.

but of course,there was a price he had to pay,he never had the same life he used to live.being the envy of many,the townfolks started to talk about his sudden transformation in looks.they started creating lies to explain it to eachother and make the miracle boy looked bad.his every movement and words became everyone's concern all out of a sudden.this was the reason he became somehow depressed and saddened deep inside despite the bright smile on his face.depression,lonely tears and long-kept sadness hindered his heart from growing up.although he grew older on the outside,his heart remained child-like.he was often seen running around meadows,up and down hills,chasing and playing with children much younger than his some point,he was called Peter Pan,the boy who never grew up.his love for children was extremely unbounded.he even built a castle and named it 'Neverland',dedicated to all his young friends.they were always welcomed to come in and play.

his beautiful deeds,ironicly,was never recognized by the townfolks.the higher he gets in his life,the more most people hated him until one day,it was destined that it was the starting point to his downfall.the sweet angel was accused to have been stealing water from the neighbouring 'River of Beauty'.not only that,there were also people talking about how he took advantage of his young friends who paid him a visit at Neverland.they accused him of abusing them,and snatching away their priceless 'posessions'.this was all false and it came from the mouths of those who envied the miracle prince.the ruler of Miles soon heard of these rumours and decrowned the prince.the only joy he had left was his children.they never failed to make him laugh when he was drowned in sorrow.slowly,he faded away from everyone's attention as he started to stop healing a few lands.

on the contrary,his long disappearance had made people miss him and his magical voice.he realised this,and made a definite decision to return to what he used to do.he had a hard time trying to forget the past,and finally,he succeeded.he stood tall on the highest hill,and started to spread the word that he will be healing the world again like he used to,this time,he would make a bigger effort.everyone was excited by the news and couldn't help but wait what the extra effort might and night,he would stay up late to prepare for one of his biggest 'curtain calls'.he was very excited himself.everyone was looking forward to seeing him again.

one day,a little boy came to his mansion for a visit.the boy,who was actually in tears,went to see the miracle boy to heal his pain.the miracle boy was heartbroken to see the child in so much misery and distress.he gave the child a mild hug,and started cheering him up..he sang,after ages of absence..:

Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky
You'll get by...

If you smile
With your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just...

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just... smile....

yet again,he gave the child a mild hug.the boy's tears vanished into thin air,and he was smiling the brightest smiles he had ever had in his entire life.the child waved him goodbye,and merrily skipped out of his mansion.he then realised that he forgot to thank the miracle prince for healing his pain so he picked out the best blossoms and roses,and skipped back towards the mansion.he saw the prince lying down asleep at his bed.the boy joyfully poked him all over to wake him his shock,the prince was not moving at all.usually he was ticklish and would laugh even due to slightest sensation on his skin.this time,he wasn't.he laid still,with eyes shut tied,and his heartbeat stopped.there wasn't a single trace of breath.the boy was stunned.the flowers in his hands dropped to the floor and was blown away by the winds.he could not believe his eyes.his heartache came back.he shook the prince's body as hard as he could and called his name,but there were no answers.the child slapped himself several times,hoping that it was just a bad dream.sadly,it wasnt.the prince was gone,in front of his very eyes.

only now,the prince was appreciated.
only now,everyone had endless regrets.
only now,he was seen for all the beauty he had done.
only now,they realised they made a big mistake.

but it was too late.the prince was gone.what's left was his memories and all his deeds.
a grand memorial was held in the land of Miles.everyone paid their last respects for him.the whole town was dull again now that he is was a huge grief for everyone,despite their hatred for him during his life.the saddest of them all was of course,the child who seeked for his last remedy.

2 moons passed since his was the late prince's birthday.the children who used to visit him and play went to his mansion to celebrate his birthday.when everyone was gone,the child who met him last went to the backyard near the River of his surprise,he saw a light from a distance.slowly,he went closer to where the light was coming from.a bright,star-like figure stood in the water,with two white wings at the back,which looked like those of turtle doves'.the heavenly figure than turned around.the child immediately jumped into the water and hugged him.'You came back! you came back!' he shouted in was the late prince! reappearing as an angel-like figure.
'I have never been gone,dear child.i was always around,roaming the world.watching over all of i shall have to go,i cannot stay any longer.i have a duty to fulfill.may we meet again someday in your next life.behave well.bear my words in your mind forever "when we were born,we cried while everyone around us were life well,so that when we die,the people around us cry while we are smiling" remember,i live on in each and everyone of your hearts,forever..farewell dear child,i wish you well" ..the figure then disappeared..from that day onwards,the land of Miles was renamed the land of SMILES in honor of the late this day,his legacy lives on...

-the end-

let's not further grief about his passing,instead,let's celebrate and thank God for granting us this sweet angel.may you rest in peace,dear Michael have lived well,and we shall never forget everything you have done.thank you.we will miss you dearly.

written with much love and respect by,
Leanna (me)

dedicated to,
Michael Joseph Jackson @ Mikaeel Jackson Abdullah

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