Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Z-O-M-B-I-E-S vs M-A-L-A-S doesn't that remind u of...err nevermind.i'm attempting to get over the MJN1 infection,lolx.i'll just write a summary of what happened recently since i'm M-A-L-A-S ..yes,that's the one word that says it all.sloth seems to be a trait of mine nowadays.

why zombie?because the black circle around my eyes are now more obvious,my face is paler and i get angry more easily than usual,haha.overworked i guess.i'm being remarked as such,not that i mind ;p

i'll start with the bad news so that we'll end up with positivity.

my aunt had another stroke attack and is now permanently in a coma.may God have mercy upon her,amin.on the brightside,my mom's other siblings are now more aware of eachother's conditions and are now having a stronger bond than usual.

another bad news,i'm under kawalan pelajar again this month,will be guarding 5.4.luckily my first day on the job turned out better than expected.i really hope this cooperation of theirs will last till the final day of my job as the prefect in charge of them.

move on move on..
this was the wedding i attended.they served chinese food and the reception ceremony was a bit different.

scrumptuous appetiser aite? dun ask me wht they were,have no idea.what i know is they're effing expensive,haha.
next course took quite awhile,it's shark fin soup.this makes the second time of me trying out this dish.first time was when i'm in kulai.
for those who are wondering how sharkfin soup looks like :

next course is sweet n sour fish,buttered prawn and broccolis served with black chinese mushrooms.

and for dessert,honey dew ice cream..mmm~ :d

here comes the bride and groom.kak norma (old family friend of ours and her husband)

so on monday,there was this contest announced by pop shuvit offering a once-in-a-lifetime all-expense paid trip to japan with them by uploading ur best rockstar moment or with pop 15 entries will be chosen..and guess what?

all my hardwork and sleepless night had finally paid of! i'm one of the lucky 15! immediately phoned kak yaya to inform her since her photo was chosen as on the photo to enlarge.

well,that's bout it.gotta prepare for BM oral now.will be singing and explaining my favourite humanitarian number from One Buck Short entitled Kelibat Korupsi.i'm a last minute kind of person,lol. ta!

rrrr ~

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