Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcoming Ramadhan With Arms Wide Open

Good Riddance Satans! go to hell where u belong,ne ne ne pu pu ;p u can't influence me to do bad stuff now!

assalamualaikum wbt! ahlan wasahlan oh holy month of ramadhan! much waited with anticipation.this year,i hope i shall be showered by Allah with many blessings and guidances in this journey to the next world.i got to do tarawikh prayers on the first ramadhan night,but couldn't fast for the first two days now :( really hope i could double/triple up my ibadah this yr.

lately,i have been tested with so many trials and tribulations.being cursed by the form 5 students while i'm on duty at school,relationship-related issues,also being stuck in the middle of a friendship comes in both ways people,i;m stuck in the middle.i can't move because i dun wanna be partial.both at school and at home,i'm being given's like being enclosed in a confinement where all the walls are closing in on windows,no doors,no way's as if midlife crisis is starting to sink into my life.basicly i really wish all these would come to an overwhelming amount of homework doesn't help in assuaging this little misery too.

just to correct the fact,peeps,i'm not depressed coz Aaron Sim got the trip to the Japan.he deserves it! just look at this

well congrats man! have fun there! :D i expected it since the very beginning.on the brightside,i've got exclusive merchandise peeps! those money-cant-buy ones,what more can i ask for? and besides,moots is right.if i were ever to win that trip,how am i gonna ask for permission to go?what am i gonna say and do i afford to skip a week of school to be quarantined at home? so..i guess it's a blessing in disguise.

also,Ramadhan is the month where souls are freed from the other world to visit their families reminds me of my late grandfathers and late granduncles.also a few other individuals especially those who recently left:

Alfatihah.Ustaz Asri died of a heart attack recently.his many contirbutions in the field of dakwah through music shall always be remembered,forever.may Allah bless his soul.

and remember our dear Mikaeel?i missed him too much.i've been watching the videos of him with his young's the outcome of one who had been deprived of his childhood.he will be missed dearly..and his birthday's coming soon.surely his soul is roaming the earth now that it's ramadhan.please say nice things about him peeps,and to muslims,let's pay tribute of our alfatihahs for him,for all the philanthrophy he had done whilst he was still alive.

may his legacy live on,so that the world will remain a better place as when he was still with us.

together,we shall bring happy tears for our children,and our children's children.

Give thanks to Allah.

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