Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's My Age Again? - 20 stuff

So uh.. What's my age again? oh right,20. Holy pepperoni I'm no longer a teen! o.O and I haven't gone as far as I targeted when I was 10 a decade ago. This is a wee bit disappointing but nonetheless, I have achieved a lot ever since,then again blogging about them would mean shoving the good stuff into people's faces like you're better than them or something.Instead, I guess here's an obligatory post before the day ends,just a sign of me saying "yay I'm alive and old now,I can do whatever the fuck I want and you people can't tell me otherwise!".. containing nothing but 20 confessions to represent 20 years of life.

Countdown! Not in any order,these are just random things I thought of along the way.

#20 : I am temperamental by nature and I often use my genetically engineered PMS as excuse,even after the scheduled time of the month.

#19 : I cry myself to sleep sometimes, but wake up stronger than ever like nothing happened the night before.

#18 :  I am picky when it comes to dating because I've been in and out of too many relationships,and would like to actually settle down permanently with the next guy I date.

#17 : I am a picky eater - if I were to be a food critique, many cooks would fail miserably.It's hard to please my taste buds,and this applies to music as well.

#16 : I am suffering an early stage of anorexia nervosa - I eat little for fear of getting fat,but no worries,I don't suffer from Bulimia (psychological disease that makes you poke your throat after a meal to make sure you puke)

#15 : I sometimes think I suffer from inferiority complex due to being single for too long,however music makes me more optimistic most of the time.

#14 : Out of the many friends I have, I can say only a handful of them are true friends.

#13 : The primary reason of my pursuing the computing field is the fact that I hate people and prefer working with machines as they are easier to please.

#12 : I've had doubts about pursuing the field I'm currently in (software engineering), until I learnt coding and mathematics. No matter how challenging they are,to me, without challenge life is meaningless.

#11:  I apologize too much even if it's not my fault, I might as well be a Canadian.

#10 : I dislike condiments in general, they contaminate the original flavor of food and seem like degrading the chef - yes indeed,I have the eating mannerisms of a French dude.

#9 : If I could ditch whatever career I'm pursuing to succeed in music, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

#8 : I secretly want to date a bad boy scumbag gentleman like Billie Joe Armstrong or Johnny Depp.

#7 : I love my country, but if I could live the rest of my life as a travelling musician in Europe,that'd be great.

#6 :  There are only two races in the world  - racists and non-racists.Racists should just burn in hell.

#5 : I find my close guy friends' quirks and insanity to be cute; I love them to bits in a platonic way, but I would never date them even if they're the last men on earth.

#4 : I still feel guilty about breaking up with my ex-boyfriends.

#3 : I used to be a gamer, but I quit because I didn't wanna get addicted.

#2 : If it wasn't for the limitations set by my religion,I can be wilder than I seem,heck even with limitations I am already so. I jumped the fence of a concert once to get a better view of the stage,and was part of the crowd surfers.

#1 : I'm in love with the same guy for almost two years and am not afraid to confess,but what's stopping me is the fear of rejection.

I guess that concludes the 20 shocking (or not really shocking) confessions. Happy birthday to me,I guess?

"My friends said I should act my age,what's my age again?" - Blink 182.

Here are the best/most creative/stupid birthday wishes I've had so far:

[imagine a scene in the car,after a whole day's event, exhausted and half-asleep]

"Hey,I'm gonna sound like a jackass but is it okay if I don't wish you happy birthday tomorrow?" - Jitki.
Moron , by asking the question you just acknowledged it. xD

And this one from Shafeeq :
Shafeeq's birthday wish that made me LOL xD

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