Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wake me Up When SPM Ends - in Words

finally,i think i have restored my blogging prodigy skills,haha! as i cleared my computer memory,i found some old photos back when i was in Convent.there's nothing i like to do more than reminiscing all the bitter sweet times i've had with all my Convent girls to the extent where in this new school,i'm being nicknamed KONVENT (as in Convent girl) since i've always been making my moments back in Convent as reference to compare to my life as a did take a 180 degrees turn.a lot of things had changed.i still remember my last day as a Convent girl,and all I can say is it was so emotional.indescribable.i heavy-heartedly had to leave this school,this district,this home for a new place where my fate remains wouldn't be as hard if i didn't have such amazing friends as i did back was really tough.7 years people,7 years of growing up,learning,i love this school too much.i have made too many friends and i have learnt too many lessons being in it.SMK Convent Muar has always been the best alma mater you can get yourself into in Johore apart from SMK Convent JB and a few MRSMs here.I do admit,2009 was my worst year.almost all the teachers had issues with me due to my angst,i was too busy for myself,i shattered my own heart into a million pieces,my dad passed away,we had to move to a new city and leave all my best friends was all too painful to swallow.nevertheless,the final memories were the best.

who can ever forget the life-changing camp i went to,the leadership camp for prefects in Kota Tinggi.not only have i learnt the know-hows in becoming a good leader,i've also gone through a lot of new experiences both inwards and outwards.i need not to elaborate on this,let it be kept lock deep inside the depths of my secretive mind and soul :)

my first ever flying fox was a success to say the very least. :)

who can ever forget the day we kicked a lot of asses to be qualified to participate in the state levels for English Debate.we totally rocked their socks off! girls power,eh girls ;) so we finally came in second best in Johor.what the hay,it was hell of an exciting competition.the opponents were so keen on beating us,but we managed to be the first's an achievement indeed.little did i know that this debate would be my last in high school,sigh. all's well that ends well,they'd say.

me as the first speaker,giving rebuttals and proposing my arguments.'twas fun!
doug's the speaker,shu wan's the 2nd and mich's the third.we made a great team to be perfectly honest.

not to mention,i found one of the best ways to channel my musical interests as a cocurricular activities.presenting... Johor's finest High School Choir team!

so here we were,on a rooftop of a hotel in Kulai we were accommodated in during the state levels last was fun,seriously.sure, we did go through a lot of pain and anguish along the way but every bit of it was worth the while :') this musical journey i embarked with the Convent girls led to another route,a route that tells me to never give up in music,EVER.under any circumstances.

the peak of the pain was of course,the last day of school.we've had some really emotional moments.

this is only part of the gang,there were more to love and miss,in spite of how quirky,crazy or annoying they were.they've been the ones who drew a smile on my face on cloudy days,and even when life felt not worth living anymore.they were the ones who made high school life mean a lot to's very hard to abandon this place where i've grown to know all about life,love and friends.

a week before i shifted,i recalled going on a trip to Malacca with's her first outing without her family,and i admit that she was a little bit afraid to go around compared to me,since i've been out with my gang in KL before.we did have a whale of a time.the seafood meal in Tangga Batu,Melaka was awesome,so was the movie we watched "Michael Jackson's This Is It" (well for me that is,considering how big of an MJ fan i am to this very day.thanks for keeping up with my obsession,Lyle :)

me and Lyle,after the Eye on Malaysia ride.

i remembered it like it was was a Thursday,a really fine afternoon.we had such an emotional time at school,me saying good bye to everyone and everything what's left to do is pack away before the moving truck told me that she wanted to have a one-to-one stroll with me in the..ehem.. 'contaminated' park near our old house.without the slightest sense of curiosity,i actually followed her.after almost an hour,i told her i wanted to go back home and finish up my packing.she agreed and so that's what we did.i knew my friends were coming over and i didn't want them to wait for me.when i arrived,i saw streamers everywhere with my name on them,and loads of food! i went behind my Double E and gave a gentle tap on her shoulder while everyone was busy setting the table.i asked "dude,whatsup with all these?" startled,all of them turned and shouted HI !!! instead of SURPRISE!! hilarious.turned out they were actually having a surprise farewell party for me.seriously,i almost cried but something was holding back my emotions from pouring out,however,it was really touching! they made a potluck,some of them ordered McDonald's.all these were done just for me! all my besties were there (including the ex-Convent girls) except for Adah.

i'm definitely gonna miss you girls :(

like everything else,good things will have to end someday in one way or another.treasure them in every reminiscence and take them as one of those reasons to smile for those bad things in life,don't delete them.make them a life lesson,and pledge to not repeat the same mistakes.

2009 rocked.2010 is about to end tremendously.i wonder what 2011 will bring me?

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