Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Staircase vs That Closet vs Those Bowling Alleys

the staircase i used to know and love,back in Convent.
there was a rumor about entities being spotted here,
due to the historical artifacts and archives they kept there.
haunted?more like a tourist attraction to me.they're over 50 years old!
and anyway,these stairs are made for walkin :p

a closet that leads to an imaginary world called Narnia?how absurd.
which explains why i prefer sci-fi movies,at least
the odds of a scientific breakthru e.g a cyborg reign or zombie
pandemic of happening are actually larger than all things

however,no one can deny how..*cough* awesome i can be
on the bowling alleys.haha. 75 pts y'all,can anyone beat that :P
kidding.bowling's a passion of mine apart from basketball,that explains a lot i guess.

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