Monday, December 20, 2010

One Love = One Hundred Bucks

i'm so free right now that i don't really feel like blogging properly.all i feel like doing now is just laze around spending my time doing unnecessary things like catching up on my Ninja Saga and whatnot.nothing as exciting as yesterday's event in Dewan Mutiara,Jalan Ipoh,KL organized by Perfection was mad awesome! i guess these photos will tell you the exact story.

Manifesto's guitarist,one of Malaysia's finest musicians!

the monk who officiated the event.

Mr Loke as our photographer of the day.

chilling with the fellers.L to R: Thomas,Mr Loke,me and Gary.

Santa came early this year!

the so-called models.


and the highlight of the day..
me winning RM100 from Mr Ben for being the
best-dressed girl! hihi

all in all,it's all cool and i enjoyed myself.thanks Perfection! hope to attend the celebrative Hi-tea and see all of you again! especially the tutors.

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