Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mothers' Day - your love for your mother is never unrequited,i promise you

the picture above was taken at Masjid Nabawi and it's one of the best moments in my life that i have ever had.Me and Ma,side by side,gazing at the place of our dreams during our umrah 2 years ago.seems like only yesterday..only now i realize how fast time flies and how much i should always enjoy the times i have with my mom.on mother's day,i didn't have much to give to her.usually i'll customize a card etc,since i'm the kind of person who loves custom made gifts either to be given or to be received.this year,i'm giving her a day off by not allowing her to do any chores or cook.i ordered mcD! so now,i wanna wish her a very blessed Mother's Day.thanks for everything ma.words can never repay/describe all the love and stuff you've done for me ever since i appeared in your life.hope to see you cry tears of joy with my success in the future.may Allah bless you always,amin.

love you ma,more than anyone or anything else.

the black sheep of the Azlee family.

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