Monday, May 4, 2009

in,out,in and out again

deeeeeeeeepp sigh of relief.such a tiring thing.falling in love,falling out,in and back i hope once i say i've fallen out,there's no falling back in.i'll watch where i'm going,and i'll tyr to miss the potholes in the road.when i say i'm moving on,then i will.i NEVER SAY NO..oh wow,i sound like Joe Kingman from game plan,haha.oh well,u can't force people to love you.why cry while you cna use that emotional ways to rock the stage?that's the new tagline i'll be using throughout my whole life.listening to my own song '7 Days' will surely give me new spirit to go on with life with or without him,okay maybe not without him since he's my soulmate! so right now i;m gonna set my priorities straight,here are the policies:
1.Love,fuck off!
2.Married to books.
3.In a relationship with my guitar and my band,Midway Scarlet.
4.Love me,stay.Hate me,leave before u get the boot!
5.tears are only for sissies and shedding them will only add in to ugliness.
6.cheesy on when blogging,check!
7.guys are rookies,i will remain a human hater for the next 2years until i'm done with spm.
8.Ep in 2011!


-yana,signing off.

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