Friday, June 5, 2009

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Uplifted And Estranged

woah,so my mood swing was a good sign that i was gonna have a blast!! so the day started off with a quite intense situation where my mom was scolding! the journey began at 2pm.reached there at about 5pm.

-i brought my outfit to change in the washroom and my guitar to be signatured.apparently the passers-by saw me and started talking among of the interesting remarks was 'eh joanna & co dah pakai tudung ke?' wakakakak..
-saw a bunch of people waving at me from a nearby seat,approached them only to realise it was shafiq,rin and kak! and since when is shafiq four-eyed? NERD..haha.

we then moved on to mcD (yeah we're broke..eating elsewhere would only make matters worse for us,hehe).on the way we met rich,i saw him first.approached him,said hi and he mentioned that hanafi was nearby did he know i have this slight favouritisme towards enha?hehe..damn.not a secret anymore,or probably only hanafi was mcd:

-shafiq showed off his photography skills to..ehem..impress rin,wahaha..rin was,of course,in denial.she said the scene was nice,not the shot..lalala.
-jijie showed up.
-my friend from camp rock,Ian tan,showed up as promised and discussed debate with me.damn,he's awesome! i'm soooo gonna be dead meat if i ever ended up in a debate against him =.="
-my mom called to tell me that she saw enha at time to lose people,let's roll!! hehe..
-Ian's teacher is too hot to be his teacher,haha..bumped into her while we're on our way to Starbucks.

at starbucks,i saw enha and immediately approached him.the irony of it was the fact that i seemed too cool.wasn's much of a fangirl.i only said hi and 'nice to meet you' before returning to the place where i sat with Ian.hanafi was slightly surprised that i wasn't that excited to meet him,unlike before.and all the way,he was staring at Ian.maybe he thought we're both a loving couple,haha.just for the record,IAN AND ME ARE JUST FRIENDS! the discussion ended,he gave me a goodbye hug and told me to email him my speech for him to edit.thanks dude! ur a big help :) <3 ya ian! so afterwards,we got hungry again.camwhored abit with jijie,rin,kak yaya and shafiq.shafiq and i listened to some songs in his phone,there's about 500 of them and he suggested the ones with the best guitar riffs for me to improve my guitar skills.too bad he couldn't stay for long,he had to catch his bus :(

finally,we managed to get rin to ayam penyet!! ahhaha..dun judge a book by its cover,and dun judge a food by its name! lol.ayam penyet was actually fried chicken with sambal la was nice,but all of us were too busy gossipping to bother,heheh.ended up,the food we ate had no effect on us,lol.after that,we went to the washroom to touch up our make up (jijie eyelined my eye and i think i looked fab! great job sis!).rin took a few shots of me at different angles.then,we moved on to laundry bar.

-once again,i was mistaken for the band because of the guitar and my outfit.sigh~..
-got front seat! first class view people!
-met aisha,kak fieza and elyas at laundry bar.
-ordered a drink called casablanca.wasnt too good,a bit too sour.loved the cherry though,haha.
-i'm SIXTEEN! not 21 and above,sigh...must be the dressing and attitude huh?
-joanna's so cute!
-rashdan's voice was similar to the 3 doors down vocalist's.
-i volunteered to win flyfm souvenirs.sorry rich,for spoiling your song! wakakaa..we were first requested to sing itu kamu but considering my preferance for 'we remain unknown',i sang that song instead.damn you,estranged didn't recognize their own song! aha.but rich,din and andy were such sports,they gave me a big hand.
-didn't notice the shy girl beside me on stage was renni,enha's student.
-estranged sang 5 songs: yang pernah,aurora,ketika ini,in no time and the slave in us.we requested for an encore but all of them looked slightly hesitant (after the rhythm of unity incident where they were blamed for singing extra songs).in the end,they did an encore by singing velocity.
-got all four of the signatures on my guitar!! andy was fascinated,heheh.enha wasnt in the mood,and din was shocked to see me bringing the guitar for them to sign.
-gossiped a bit more before i headed home.

estranged forever! :)

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