Monday, June 29, 2009


i know how ridiculous this may sound but,have you ever been so in love to the extent where sometimes you feel like comitting a crime for it? i know i have.and the more ridiculous fact is that i seem to have fallen in too deep to a celebrity crush of mine! oh is weird my dear feels like being hooked on a certain kind of can't seem to get away from it.the worst part is,he's TAKEN and i'm GREEN WITH ENVY!it feels like a crime to fall for your own mentor,someone you totally look up to.i realised this whenever he appears anywhere on my page.and every angle seems to remind me of him.worst still,every chord i play,i'll start playing his songs! (fyi,not related to oral B picture above).it feels wrong and IT IS WRONG! i wonder what's going on with my head.he does know i have a crush on him,but i'm not too sure whether he knows how i'm feeling now.i'm getting too obsessed and attached to him! HELP ME.

luckily,Marie Digby understands me better.her songlyric goes 'written in stars that girls like me and boys like you were never meant to be..'.thanks Marie,for touching me with your music.

well that's all for now.gotta get back to work,got a science presentation project to be done due this wednesday.yes people,at this hour where there's nothing but peace and solitude..and plenty of space to think.


addicted to the heartbreaker.

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