Sunday, June 21, 2009

Second Chance

Second chance is what you take
It has it’s reasons
Every twist and turn of fate
leads you closer to freedom

Ever thought what life can take?
You’re going nowhere
Yesterday has come again
and this time I’ll be there

I’ll be there , I’ll be there

How do I change this life
and where do I begin?
Is there a second chance?
See me in a different light
as how I see in you
Is there a second chance?

Many things can do a change
when you least expect it
Determination is your strength
Lose your promise and regret it

Ever thought what life can take?
You’re going nowhere
Yesterday has come again
and this time I’ll be there

I've been waiting for so long
Fighting in this war and never ending
Trying to lose my memory
It will never be the same again

and so the song by Frequency Cannon goes but how far is the truth of it?yesterday,had our debate quarter and semifinals.

quarter finals:
-motion: One should marry for love,not wealth
-side: opposition
-opponent: SMK Tun Habab,Kota Tinggi
-outcome: motion rejected

-motion: technology is making us fat
-side: government
-opponent: kulai
-outcome: motion accepted

but the finals was the worse.i screwed up,heck a lot.and someone said to my face,'you shoudn't have lazed around during discussion'.it hurts,so much,but it's the truth.i was being selfish all add in to the guilt,i stuttered so much during the POI.yeah guys,just because i have twice as much guts as anyone else,doesn't mean i don't get nervous every once in a while.but well,afterwards,when all of us were having so-called 'breakfast' outside the debate hall,i started to cry but of course,i was strong enough to stop the tears from rolling my eyes were watery,and poor aingar & edmund.i didn't bother to say hi to them coz of the possibility that they might notice my inner feelings that well,i keep blaming nice of edmund to offer a hug,but he forgot that i belong to someone already,haha.

so that's it.hoping for a better day la now.

p/s: sialan abg aku gi rockerwei xajak!! my misery would be complete if frequency cannon joined rockaway,glad they didn't.if there was a gig that involves estranged,pop shuvit and frequency cannon at the same time,and i''m bound to miss it,i swear i'm gonna suicide XD

emo as always la~


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