Saturday, December 19, 2009

Craziness Of It All

look at the time think THAT'S EARLY?? get a load of this,i woke up an hour ago,that's EVEN EARLIER! why you ask? you do know how the internet here sucks right?so i wanted to upload my v-blog and submit my entry for mika's xfactor competition (which at first was supposed to be a song i wrote but now that the dateline is almost here i submitted a stop motion short movie instead).i'm so glad when all the uploads are's crazy,i'm hearing the Azan now.i'm up THAT EARLY?? gosh...usually i'm up at 6,except during ramadhan but this is a MAJOR exception.listening to Rashdan Harith's song now entitled 'Everytime,Everything & Why'.his voice...gorgeous <3

oh did i mention i'm broke?XDD but i need a guitar stand,a metronome and an electric tuner so badly.god..i'm in trouble.cikgu has offered to help me get them but i'll have to owe him money..dammmit,as if i have a choice.he'll be getting special price so i'm not really worried :P
and i'm planning to go to RTW9 this year.

that's about it peeps.i've posted xmas cards to chantelle and huikings,also heading to midV tomorrow to meet up with a fellow musician/MJ fan,daissy raniey.i'll update later! toodles!

dead as green ham.

p/s!!! : i have a v-blog,hehehe..subscribe to me!

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